Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Just a few days before the start of the championship the sports director Fausto Lorenzini speaks

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From coach to sports director, his summer was one of those full of commitments and difficulties. For Fausto Lorenzini to build this Ravenna has represented before a challenge to the market a fight with himself: do not get demoralized in the face of waste and painful goodbyes was probably the secret that led to the preparation of a team that will maintain the series A and, then, try also to take away some other satisfaction.

The "diesse" starts from a joke that speaks volumes about its difficulties in the market. "We were the most rejected team in Italy and this was a symptom of the fact that we have not worked well in the past few years". The ferryman who gave salvation to the team in the last season has had to deal with several nays of many players, but what has bothered him are not the negative answers, but above all the lack of credit towards a new project in which he he believes firmly. "The change of name, a staff of the first order for women and our attempts to enroll players with important names were not a header, but the sign of a clear will that we want to take a step forward important. Lorenzini - that in some parts this has not been understood and some "no" that I received scream revenge because this project is valid and we are putting everything we can to ensure that this society can become a model of growth for women's football in Romagna and especially in the province of Ravenna We are succeeding and we will be able to do all of this in the future - he explains - also thanks to the contribution of the Administration and all those institutional people who up until now have helped us and appreciated our intent ".

The no painful, however, did not come only from the possible new players, but also from those girls who were already part of the team, attracted first by the sirens and then landed on other beaches. Here Lorenzini does not hide his bitterness, without naming names. "I'm very sorry to have lost some of the girls who had been with us for a long time and we believed in building this new adventure, unfortunately they did not believe it and if this reinforces what I initially said about the bad work of the past years, 'other bit me bit' because I would like to build this new journey with them and at the same time I believe that what we are building is an important opportunity for anyone in the world of women's football ".

The first step of the team in the Italian Cup scored an important result: a 8-1 against Imolese anything but discounted on the eve and the subsequent passage in the second round. "It's a great start, I'm happy with the team that we managed to build and I'm glad to see that some important elements with a decidedly high level have believed in our growth project as I do not neglect the fact that young people with big prospects have chosen Ravenna as a launch pad ".

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