Monday, January 27 2020
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The Gialloblù impose themselves 6-2 in friendly on the Orobica

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Second friendly of the week and second victory for the girls of Agsm Verona that on the synthetic friend of via Sogare impose themselves for six goals to two on the Orobica, Bergamo team of the cadet series.
Mister Longega takes precautionary Kongouli to rest and also fielded some foreign players in the first race with the team.
The scaligers unlock the result at 12 ': cross of Osetta from the right, veil of Fishley for the insertion of Peare that on the flight bag on the far post.

At the 18 'the surprise Depuy, an American waiting for transfer, from a few steps puts the ball in after a beat and slams in front of the Bergamo door.
The Verona fails a couple of greedy opportunities to lengthen and is punished by Merli who uses a defensive error returning to the game in Lombardy.
Shortly after half an hour of play, however, Veronica Pasini to stretch again for the scaligere bagging the first intention of the ball of three to one, result that closes the first fraction.
In the interval Longega makes four substitutions showing other new arrivals.
At the fifth Depuy finalizes a choral action by signing the personal double.
Applause for Pasini who is freed with a spell calling Lonni to detour in the corner.

The Agsm Verona signed the fifth goal with Paixao, a young Portuguese looking for confirmation that makes the applause roar with a great conclusion under the crossbar.
The Orobica exploits a second defensive lightness of the Veronese to shorten the distances with Massussi.

To fix definitively the result on the six to two thinks Pasini who collects the assist of Depuy and bags from close range.

With seven matches since the start of the top league, the Agsm Verona has shown talented players and a game still in the planning stage. In the coming days it will be important to know which, among the many foreigners waiting for international transfer, Mr. Longega will be able to field in the field against Fiorentina, the Italian champion.

Networks: Pt. 12 'Peare, 18' Depuy, 24 'Merli L., 33' Pasini, st. 5 'Depuy, 18' Payxao, 28 'Massussi, 39' Pasini.

Agsm Verona: Buhigas (1 'St. Lemey), Lipman, Soffia (15' St. Esquilli), Hill, Bardin (1 'St. Jubilee), Osetta (1' St. Howard), Pasini, Nichele (1 'st Mack), Fishley (15 'St Payxao), Peare, Depiy.
Available: Lemey, Kongouli, Giubilato, Howard, Mack, Esquilli, Payxao.
Coach: Renato Longega.

Orobica Bergamo: Lonni, Brasi, Merli C., Zamboni, Viscardi, Fopri, Barcella, Cirillo, Merli L., Massussi, Milesi M.
Available: Milesi G., Gaspari, Foiadelli, Parsani.
Coach: Marianna Marini.

The Press Office
Photos attached freely to be published (Federico Fenzi for Agsm Verona CF

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