Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Capitan Da Ros: "We do not underestimate the Gordige, aim to pass the turn"

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vittorio veneto daros
After just 5 days of training is already playing, Sunday at 15: 30 in San Fior le Tose will take the field to play the first round of the Italian Cup against the Gordige.
So we hear the words of the captain rossoblu in view of the first official release:
The new season has begun and already after one week of preparation the first official race begins. First of all, how are your legs and what mood is there in the new rossoblu dressing room?

Yeah, this year the first official match really falls short of preparation! We are doing a great athletic job and we are trying to get the best out of this first Cup match! The legs are a bit 'tired, but it's all normal! Within the group I see the right mix of concentration and fun!

For the first round of the Italian Cup there will be the Gordige, the same team of last year, which this year will return to be in our league group.
The Gordige is a team that we have faced several times in recent years and is not a team to be underestimated! We have to put into practice what we are experiencing these days. Surely it is a useful test in anticipation of the start of the season. I expect a gritty Vittorio, with the desire to redeem himself!

Starting with the right foot is always the best thing, what is your goal for this Italian Cup?
I think it's important to try and spend as many rounds as possible in the Cup. Our rose is well built and these games allow you to give minutes to the legs of many athletes! In any case, whether it is the Cup or the Championship, when there are 3 points at stake, my goal is always to bring them home!

ASDCF Permac Vittorio Veneto 1982
Via della Rabosa 24 - Vittorio Veneto (TV)
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