Thursday, May 21 2015
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Women's football: open day in Marsala and Mazara

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The Women's Football Marsala announces the reopening for the 2018 / 19 season of the Base Football Center based at the "Mario Nuccio" Comprehensive Institute in via Salemi, 18.
The women's soccer school is an educational project of motor activity related to football sport dedicated exclusively to girls and girls aged between 5 and 14 years (born from 2004 to 2013).

The meetings, led by Valeria Anteri and Cristina Casano, respectively mister and captain of the Women's Football Marsala, will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 15: 30 to 17: 00.
This season the CFM broadens its range of action by opening a female center in Mazara at the municipal Campalto dell'Affacciata, thanks to the collaboration with the Polisportiva Arazam, already present in the area with the male courses, led by the instructor Marco Anteri.

Women's football activity is booming throughout Italy, but there are still very few poles in which women's football has really started and the CFM is the third company in Sicily to have done it after Ludos Palermo and Catania Femminile, and this In the province of Trapani, women's soccer and Adelkam Alcamo will also appear on the scene, a sign of ever increasing demand and of a passion that is booming.

The project aims to allow girls registered to have the opportunity to carry out activities to which they have always had access to their male peers: in the specific case to learn the game of football and to create a nursery to have a continuous exchange for the first team, which can count on the continuity of preparation.

The team has the dual objective of growth: growth in terms of shifting to higher levels and social growth, to make it possible, on a territory like the one in the Marsala area with a large catchment area, to realize a much loved activity that still struggled to start.

The women's courses in both Marsala and Mazara are completely free and accessible to everyone.
The appointments are the 22 and the 29 October in Marsala and the 05 November in Mazara with the Open Day. Little girls armed with passion: football awaits you.

Source: Press and Communication Office
The coordinator
Marilena Titone

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