Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Dreamers - Pinerolo Juniores national stage

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Dreamers - Pinerolo 3-8

Debut in the national stage for the biancoblu spring in Pero, in front of the peers of the Dreamers.

Match that seems to get right away so much that already in the fifth minute the Pinerolo players go online, beautiful action Iuliano Leccese with the latter that puts on the net, but the surprises are always around the corner, not a minute passes and the Dreamers equalize, corner, a local defender all alone in the area backs head in the net.
But the surprises are not over a few minutes pass and a wrong departure of Apuzzo to his goalkeeper makes sure that the attacker is quick to intercept intercept and deposit in the network for overtaking 2-1. The girls of Mr. Palmero pay the emotion of the debut and the great heat, about thirty degrees on the synthetic Milanese.
The blow does not overwhelm the sabaudes that 17 'equalized with captain Cold battle in beating the penalty awarded for the knockdown of Iuliano and goes on the 2-2, from here on the Pinerolo regain verve and courage and go back into the goal with Iuliano at 23 'that leaves a large left from the edge that goes under the crossbar. At the 33 'another penalty for a clear handball and still captain Battaglia realizes with coldness, at the 41' Aimetti is to find the goal after a few months of fasting, nice percussion on the left, first shot rejected by the goalkeeper who can nothing on the second conclusion close-up that goes under the crossbar, so you go to rest on the 2-5.
The recovery does not change with an attentive Pinerolo who goes back in goal after only a minute with Leccese good to slip into the wide jersey of the defense Milan, resist a large retained and after missing the goalkeeper deposit on the network despite the opposition of the defender. There is still time for Darò's goal well placed in the center area for the winning tap and another goal by Iuliano at 68 '. In the middle still a local goal after a mess by Boaglio that does not hold a ball out, but redeems itself readily with two beautiful parades later.
Game far from easy, the Milanese well prepared in the field and with an excellent game have put in difficulty the Pinerolo despite the large passive.
Now we wait for Venice to continue the dream ..........

PINEROLO: Boaglio, Ascoli, Apuzzo, Paira, Aimetti, Rosano, Leccese, Barbui, Iuliano, Battaglia, Darò, Abico, Blanchetti, Zanfino, Margaritora, Chiavia. Palmero trainer

Pinerolo Women's Press Office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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