Friday, 15 May 2015
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In the recovery of the 7 ° day of return of the Primavera Championship, defeated the Musiello Saluzzo for 7-0.

It must have been a direct battle between the Feminine Area Calcio and Musiello Saluzzo, but this was not the case, the Albanians have imposed themselves sharply for 7-0, also for the presence in the field of only 10 guest players, while among the landlords , absent captain Verrua and Taliano, both injured. The Area has dominated and could not be otherwise, from the first to the last minute, building numerous opportunities from the goal net neutralized by the goalkeeper, in addition to those achieved.

The game is unlocked at the 7 ° with Navello, quick to anticipate all and touch on the door a cross-shot low of Bosco released by Gasparini. At 11 ° doubles the same forest that uses a mess of the goalkeeper and deposits on the net. The beautiful white-Michela D'Addio-Bianco triangulation is worth the 3-0, with the 10 home that beats the goalkeeper out, at the 14 °. The same White is responsible for turning a punishment from the limit to 22 °, for foul on Michela D'Addio.

The Musiello tries to avoid the defeat and is compact, try some sortie, but above all avoids other signatures until the end of the first half.

At the beginning of recovery Mister Morengo replaces Banchero and Navello with Prunotto and Ciravegna and at 56 ° Michela D'Addio goes in goal on an assist by Bosco, after which De Marinis takes over Matilde D'Addio. At 64 ° Gasparini, assisted by Sofia Accomo, signs the 6-0 with a diagonal shot from the left. Last two substitutions at home Area: at 66 ° Sonnati for Michela D'Addio and Marika Accomo for Lioia at 72 °. Ciravegna's goal, on an assist by Sofia Accomo, closes the match at the 81 °.

The match was not spectacular due to the disparity of forces in the field, but proved to be a good training for Saturday's 24 meeting on Saturday, with Juventus spa, the undisputed league leader of the championship.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia (from 72 ° Marika Accomo), Gasparini, Banchero (from 46 ° Prunotto), D'Addio Matilde (from 56 ° De Marinis), Musso, Bosco, Sofia Accomo, Michela D'Addio (from 66 ° Sonnati) , White, Navello (from 46 ° Ciravegna). Coach Mr. Enrico Morengo.

SC MUSIELLO SALUZZO '90: Merlo, Bindolo, Etzi, Goria, Resta, Armando, Inaudi, Milanesi, Busso, Demaria. Coach Mr. Giuliano Musiello.

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