Sunday, 05 April 2020
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Spring: Settebello Mozzanica all'Orobica

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Afternoon very rainy and wetland, to the municipal street of A. Moro, for the tenth day of return of the season, with the Mozzanica that hosts the formation of the Orobica. "Derby" wet with the biancocelesti more and more launched in the high areas of the standings.
The Mozzanica starts immediately strong, forcing the visiting team on the defensive. The very loose field does not facilitate the task of the teams in the field, even if the biancocelesti prove to be in the ball and build excellent game plots that often lead them in the final phase.

First ball goal for Colombo at 4 'on the service of Campana, but the striker Bergamasco in front of the goalkeeper pulls to the side. One minute later, again, Columbus, who exploits a rebound appears before the extreme defender host, but hits badly and the action fades. The result is unlocked at 11 '; excellent choral action that leads Bell to the cross, Salvi in ​​the center area pounced on the ball on the fly in the split putting it in the corner to the right of the goalkeeper making the 1 0. The Mozzanica plays well and puts the Orobica in great difficulty. At the 15 'galloped on the band of Salvi that exceeds in dribbling his opponent, enters the area and puts the ball back for the compelling bell from the spot that takes aim and do not miss bagging to the left of the goalkeeper. At 20 'goals are three thanks to a nice header of Anghileri on a corner action. At the 24 'another beautiful choral action that leads Colombo to serve on the run Anghileri that just at the limit does not think twice and lets start a conclusion that bypasses the goalkeeper by entering the intersections. Meanwhile, the rain increases in intensity making the field increasingly wet, especially in the central area. The Orobica, after suffering for half an hour, succeeds, thanks to a few carelessness of the home team, to take advantage of some rebounds that three times, with Lambrucchi, Polenghi and Bertazzoli, create some apprehension by the parties of Brocca. But it is still the Mozzanica to close in attack the first half, with Anghileri who crosses the small area of ​​the Orobica and Colombo that crosses the ball by putting the ball in the corner where the goalkeeper can not get to five goals at the end of the first half.

The recovery opens with the Mozzanica immediately in attack with Martella at the end of the 4 'st. At the 7 'st. it is the turn of the guests to conclude with Lambrucchi, but the ball goes out of the way. The game becomes more angular and hard-fought, with the home team moving back a bit the center of gravity and the Orobica looking with determination at least the goal of the flag, creating a few headaches to the mozzanese rearguard. At the 22 'st. another defensive freeattention free Cortesi in front of Brocca, but the conclusion from a favorable position is to be forgotten. The battle is stationed in the central areas of the field, where the mud often complicates the play. At the 28 'st. the Mozzanica builds another action maneuvered with Salvi that serves Colombo, touch inside the area for Marchesi that pulls the ball, rejected ball that still ends between the feet of Colombo that with the most classic of the lobs bag behind the goalkeeper. At the 35 'st. Colombo tries from the left to enter the area, closed the cross on the second pole where he rushes Salvi in ​​anticipation that anticipates the goalkeeper and bags seven to zero. Last chance still biancoceleste with Rossetti who served from Colombo just inside the area try shooting close to the post.

Victory of strength and quality for the Mozzanica that, despite a very heavy field, builds excellent game plots and realizes goals of excellent workmanship. The Orobica does not give up fielding grit and stubbornness, but the biancocelesti demonstrate their superiority conquering more than deservedly the victory. Three more points for the girls of Samantha Ceroni who are kept in the noble areas of the ranking.

Final result: Mozzanica - Orobica 7 - 0.

MOZZANICA: Brocca, Vicini (41 'st. Moioli), Marchesi, Magni (37' st. Vezzoli), Verzeletti, Salvi, Tassi (7 'st. Balistreri), Martella, Campana (25' st. Rossetti), Colombo, Anghileri (10 'St. Cremonesi). Available: Cremonesi. All .: Ceroni.

OROBICA: Calvi, Vecchio (30 'pt.Crippa), Nicoli, Colleoni, Visani, Panza (10' St. Mazzoleni), Lambrucchi (1 'St. Cornago), Rossi, Pilenga (17' St. Salvi M.), Cortesi, Bertazzoli. All .: Ardemagni.

MARKING: 11 'pt. Save, 15 'pt. Bell, 20 'pt. Anghileri, 24 'pt. Anghileri, 45 'pt. Colombo, 28 'st. Colombo, 35 'st. Salvi.

The photos of the race:

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