Juventus - Pinerolo Primavera

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Juventus - Pinerolo 6-1
Anticipation of the championship at the Sisport between the leaders Juventus woman and the second, the Pinerolo.

Race good competition from the early stages, the two teams face off against each other, bianconeri supremacy, but Pinerolo defends himself with order, at 20 'a defensive amnesia allows the bianconere to take the lead, but this does not discourage the young white and blue that after only 5 'find the draw with Iuliano lesta to take advantage of a short back pass of the home defense, skip the goalkeeper and deposited in the network for one by one.
After just three minutes Juventus back forward, the Juventus striker pulls from the twenty meters and the ball is slipping below the cross, the time to start again and after a few minutes the Pinerolo touches the tie, Aimetti steals the ball at the limit and on the exit the goalkeeper lets go a shot that beats under the crossbar and seems to cross the goal line before bouncing off, for the excellent referee is not goal, on the reversal in front of a mess on the edge of the area allows the third goal of the bianconeri and first fraction ended.
The second half does not change, landlord who press and biancoblu who try to start again in speed.
Touching the goal Battaglia with a shot that ends just wide, Aimetti kicked hard, the goalkeeper deflects in the corner and a nice descent of Rosano that almost causes an omission, Leccese less dangerous than usual but very good and useful in coverage.
The juve goes in goal three more times, two more defensive errors allow the bianconere to score, the sixth goal comes from a corner kick with a perfect insertion.
Too much difference between the two teams, it is still a beautiful championship that of the Pinerolo players who will play the second place finish in the last two games, and with this attitude will prepare the upcoming national phase.

Pinerolo: Boaglio, Paira, Barbui, Apuzzo, Aimetti, Ascoli, Rosano, Leccese, Battaglia, Iuliano, Giraudo, DarĂ², Abico, Zanfino, Chiavia. Palmero trainer

Pinerolo Women's Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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