Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Good game of the Juniores who wins for 4-0. In the recovery of the last race of the first round, not played for the snow 2 last December, the Junior Female Soccer Area overwhelms Novese, to Renzo Saglietti Alba.

Despite the absences on both sides, the teams gave life to a good match, in which the albesi were more effective than the opponents.
The race, from the start, saw the supremacy of the girls Henry Morengo passing already 14 ° with a network of Gasparini, clever and lucky to repeat in a goal his shot well blocked by the goalkeeper of Novi.
After the goal continues to control the area and the doubling arrives at 38 °, again by Gasparini, able to stow cutting Michela D'Addio.
At the beginning of the second half Taliano took over Gasparini and at the 52 ° Prunotto replaced Ciravegna.
The game is more balanced, the Novese tries to engage Perrone who is good guard and the Area seeks the restart to close the match.
The third network reaches the 82 ° with the first seasonal goal of Banchero and immediately after De Marinis takes over Lioia.
At 88 ° there is also glory for Matilde D'Addio who scores with a precise right from outside the area at the intersection of the poles.
Accomo (89 °) takes over from a generous Michela D'Addio and after two minutes of recovery, the race director sends everyone into the locker room.
The Spring Championship / Junior stops for the holiday season, it will resume 13 January with the first day back when the area will receive the strong Luserna San Bernardo.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia (De Marinis from 83 °) Verrua Woods D'Addio, Musso, White, Banchero, Gasparini (Taliano from 46 °), D'Addio (Accomo from '89 °), Ciravegna (Prunotto from 52 °) . Coach: Mr. Enrico Morengo.

FCD NOVESE: Repetti, Zampieri, Tasca, Leva, Tasca, Verdino, Loi, Traverso, Soncin, Pinazzi, Rolando, Ponta, Ponta, Di Puglia. Coach: Mr. Marco Giovannetti.

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ASD Female Soccer Area

Enrico Manassero
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