Friday, January 24 2020
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Golden Spring Grifo: Fiorentina ko and winter primacy

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The Grifoncelle defeats the lilies to measure 90esimo and are champions of winter. The Peverini technician: "We knew how to suffer"
Great joy at Grifo Perugia for the results obtained by the Primavera team. The girls of Vania Peverini, Saturday 9 December, have beaten in the field of Collestrada the very quoted Fiorentina Women. A team victory arrived not without some suffering but with a goal, that of Silvioni, matured at the stroke of 90esimo. Thanks to this success the Grifoncelle graduate winter champions and thus enjoy the Christmas break from first in the standings looking at everyone from above.

The match is shown very balanced right from the start. The first ring of the Grifo arrives with Franciosa at the 21 'minute. A minute later Fiorentina's goalkeeper repelled Silvioni's side. To keep the result in balance we also think the number one whitish Elena Urso that performs a miracle for half an hour.
The recovery is almost a photocopy of the first fraction: the violets dominate large stretches of the match, but the Perugians as soon as they can try to hit. To report another great parade of Urso that still says no to Fiorentina. The Tuscans, in the last quarter of an hour try the final forcing, but at the 90esimo Grifo starts off guard and hurts. Silvioni drinks the rear gigliata and explodes a shot that sends the red and white in paradise. Triple whistle and three points of platinum for Grifo Perugia.

Vania Peverini, technician of Grifo Perugia Primavera:
"I am very happy with the result obtained by my girls. We also knew how to suffer. A victory and a record result of their great work and application. But I want to thank all the technical staff who support me in the weekly training sessions, including the president Roscini and the coach of the first team Valentina Belia. I have all been close to me even in a family moment that was difficult for me. We are a team and a family also from this point of view. "

GRIFO PERUGIA: Urso, Serluca, Petasecca, Carleschi, Accettoni, Ottaviani (26 'St Dominici), Peas, Thyme, Viola, Silvioni, Franciosa. Available: Cippiciani, Ciampelli, Annibaldi, Gigliarelli, Mariotti. All .: Peverini
FIORENTINA WOMEN: Nardi, Masseri, Monecchi, Corazzi, Gwialdowska, Severini, Lorieri, Morreale, Purse, Lulli (18 'St Ugolini), Cirri.
Available: Narducci, Grundman, Mauri, Marsicola, Pastifieri, Camillotto.

NETWORKS: 45 'st Silvioni (GP)
NOTES: Ammoniti: 33 'st Carleschi (GP)

Andrea Sonaglia Communication
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