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Spring: Mozzanica, draw with Inter

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Snowy day at the municipal office in Via Aldo Moro in Mozzanica where the formations of the Mozzanica and Inter are played for the fourteenth day of the championship. The biancocelesti, back from a good row of games won, to the test of nine, to measure their growth against the leaders Inter, so far unbeaten and favored for the victory of the tournament.
The game is very hard fought in the first minutes of the race, with the teams facing each other openly, fighting on every ball. After a first phase of substantial balance is the Mozzanica to take the ball of the game in hand, repeatedly putting the Nerazzurri formation in difficulty, winning the duels in all departments.

First occasion of the game at 8 ', with Colombo in the band exchanged with Pellegrinelli, cross for Mandelli looking for a double conclusion, from inside the area, deflected for a corner. The Mozzanica, very aggressive on the midline, grows in intensity and continually triggers its attackers, forcing Inter on the defensive. At 13 'Colombo has a good chance in the area, but the conclusion is weak. At the 19 'is Baldi to grace the goalkeeper when, on the service of Pellegrinelli, enters the area and kicks centrally. It only takes a minute and the action is repeated in photocopy on the other side of the area, but even on this occasion the shot of Baldi does not worry the Nerazzurri goalkeeper. Inter is in fact never dangerous and it is hard to start again. To signal a lightening pull of Bragonzi from the long distance that does not commit Giroletti. At the 22 'Salvi is in good position. Colombo tries the shot but the ball ends up high. At the 25 'bell'azione maneuvered on the left with a ball that ends centrally outside the area for Salvi, strong deflected shot that ends in the arms of the extreme defender host. At the 26 'Martella also tries from a distance, but the ball ends high above the crossbar. At 27 'Mozzanica ahead; Salvi serves Colombo on the trocar, Pellegrinelli's ball in the box, crosses the center and, in an attempt to free, Capucci hits badly and bags in his own goal. The biancocelesti do not stop and push still hard on the accelerator in search of doubling. At 29 'Mandelli is to become dangerous at the invitation of Pellegrinelli, looking for a lob to face the goalkeeper who manages to reject the conclusion. Inter struggles to contain the home team, but in football you know, the opportunities should be exploited and the Nerazzurri, at 36 ', capitalize with the only action in 45' minutes; lost ball in attack and counterattack of Bragonzi, passage on the right side for Lorusso, who without thinking twice let start from just inside the area a strong conclusion that slips at the intersections on the opposite side. The Mozzanica is not there and immediately tries to reiterate its superiority of the first portion of the game; at the 44 'Pellegrinelli tries from distance but the shot ends high above the crossbar; at the 45 'Salvi serves Baldi in the band, cross for Colombo but the touch from the goal ends high. The teams go to rest with the result of a tie, with a Mozzanica that wastes too much of the opportunities created and with an Inter that, although suffering, manages to stay in the game.

The recovery opens with an Inter a bit 'more balanced than the first portion of the game, but with a Mozzanica always very determined and eager to make their own game. At the 3 'st. first opportunity for the home team; excellent plot in midfield that lead, with 3 touches, Colombo in the area, but at the time of shooting is anticipated in the slide by a defensive recovery. Inter tries to 8 'st. with a shot from distance but the ball does not worry Giroletti. At the 17 'st. gallop of Baldi on the right wing, vertical passage to reward the cut of Anghileri, shot from inside the area that is printed on the crossbar with beaten goalkeeper. Inter, although playing higher than the first half, does not sting, even if it creates a potential opportunity for 31 'st. with a close-up conclusion ending at the bottom. At the 32 'st. another great opportunity for the home team; action speed Pellegrinelli serving long for Anghileri, the striker biancoceleste, albeit at a disadvantage, he believes it to the end, puts pressure on the defender and goalkeeper, conquering the ball just inside the area, but the conclusion to empty goal ends incredibly high . The Mozzanica drops a bit 'of intensity and gives Inter a bit' of field; the leader takes advantage immediately and within a couple of minutes creates his most dangerous occasions. At the 40 'st., Long throw on the right and, from a deflected position, the Nerazzurri's exterior leaves a conclusion that ends up at the end of the pole. At the 41 'st., Bragonzi, served on the left, enters the area and for two times Giroletti wins the duel on the double conclusion with a sure blow. Having escaped the danger, which would have known of mockery, the Mozzanica tries with the last remaining forces, concluding at 46 'st. with Pellegrinelli from outside the area, but the ball touches the post to the left of the goalkeeper. The game ends after a couple of minutes of recovery.

Draw a little 'tight for the home team, which must be regretted for too many missed opportunities, but that confirms to be a strong team, able to put more than in trouble the Nerazzurri team. Inter who knows how to suffer, but cynical and determined and not at all at the top of the standings. Mr. Ceroni's team divides the mail with the leaders but comes out aware of their potential.

Final result: Mozzanica - Inter 1 - 1.

MOZZANICA: Giroletti, Marquises, Vicini, Magni, Verzeletti, Salvi, Pellegrinelli, Martella, Mandelli (17 'St. Anghileri), Colombo (33' St Campana), Baldi. Available: Arzeno, Rossetti, Baldi, Vezzoli, Balistreri. All .: Ceroni.

INTER: Vanin, Maroni, Pinzin, Dell'Acqua, Capucci, Ripamonti, Lorusso, Costa, Naplone (11 'St. Costardi), Giani, Bragonzi. Available: Gramendola, Borin, Bosco. All .: Naplone.

MARKING MACHINES: 27 'pt. Capucci (Autorete), 36 'st. Lorusso

AMMONITE: Verzeletti.

The photos of the race:

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