Friday, February 21 2020
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Novese - Pinerolo Primavera

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Novese - Pinerolo 1-6

In Novi Ligure the penultimate round of the first round for the Pinerolo who had to redeem themselves from the defeat of the week before with Juventus spa and resume the journey in the championship.

The biancoblu in training remodeled deprived of the injured Mastroieni (breaking the anterior crusader happened with the Juventus spa) to which they go the best wishes for a speedy recovery, and other elements, was presented in Novi with only 12 elements and some girls who had to play out of role.
The beginning is lightning fast. Leccese after just a minute puts on the net for the one to zero, still Leccese at 25 'with a great shot to put the ball in seven, two minutes pass and Depetris puts in the network from close range. With this result we go to the rest, good game plots but little continuity, the Novese never dangerous.
It starts again with the white blues perhaps satisfied by the result that no longer push and are messy with the Novese that becomes enterprising, even arriving at the goal after a wrong postponement of Boaglio that gives the ball on the opponent's feet at the edge of the area for the easiest of goals.

This episode shakes the girls of Mr. Palmero who resume playing with a Rosano in great dust in midfield, at the 70 'comes the goal from the distance of Battle who had taken aim with two previous attempts, Leccese all'80' was inserted in speed in the middle of the opposing defenders and the 5-1 bag, pass a minute and Giraudo in action photocopying fixed the result on the 6-1.
Result that morally for the challenge of next Saturday which is worth for the record in the standings against SB Luserna.

Pinerolo: Boaglio, Ascoli, Paira, Apuzzo, Abico, Aimetti, Rosano, Battaglia, Leccese, Depetris, Giraudo, Zanfino

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Enrico Manassero
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