Monday, January 20 2020
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The terrible girls of Marinella Piolanti continue to fly: four out of four!

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Their journey in the league is full of goals and victories: four consecutive up to this point of the season. Behind the Primavera team led by Marinella Piolanti hides a job made of sacrifice but also many smiles in the field of San Zaccaria, where every day the young red and white train for their matches.
The first championship match had not started very well with the Ravenna under for 2-0 at home against the strong Sassuolo, but able to overturn the result and bring home an excellent 4-2.

From that point the team of Marinella Piolanti took off: 9-0 on the field of San Paolo Modena, an 7-1 at home against the San Marino Academy and an 7-3 on the field of the Vicofertile.
"I am very happy, even if I am convinced that we can always do better, I have a group in which there are so many new and willing girls, some promoted by the very young team, confirming that Ravenna is working well with young people. Marinella Piolanti - we are trying to assemble it and in this task the girls who have been part of this group for a long time are helping me, even if we can not call them old! ".

Many of the veterans of this group have faced preparation with the first team, an added advantage. "It's true - the coach confirms -, six of them started with the first team, but this does not have to make them come in. The call or the chance to play and train with the first team is never a point of arrival, but They have to work hard so they can still be summoned in. If I think they can fit their heads? Absolutely not, but prevention is always better than cure, so I always try to point out that even if they go to the first team, they have to prove everything their value ".

In its spring Marinella this year has also found girls from other sports, but despite these very different ingredients, the red and white began in a roaring way, surprising the same coach. "The debut match against Sassuolo was not the best because we started really bad, but we were very good from the mental point of view, recovering and taking home a victory against a great team like Sassuolo".

The role of the same Marinella this year has changed compared to last season. With so many new girls, many struggling for the first time with football, this year the coach is also asked for an important evaluation and construction work. "Last year the team could try and aspire to do the national stages because it was favored by the two groups, this year there will be a more difficult group, but our goal is always to grow and try to bring as many girls as possible team, if not this year at the beginning of the next.They have the possibilities, but they must be good to continue like this, to work on all fundamentals and in this sense luck is that for them football is still a fun: I'm just one step away from the first team, in which things have to be dealt with differently, so they will have to be very good at continuing to grow. "

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