Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Captain Cernoia plays the charge for the Danish trip: "To Hjørring to do better than the first leg and try to overturn the result and the forecast!"

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With pleasure and enthusiasm here is the interview with Valentina Cernoia, Captain of Brescia, in view of the return match against Fortuna Hjørring.
Hi Valentina! Fortuna coach Hjørring, Brian Sørensen, said at the press conference that they dominated the first half and never feared that you could equalize. On his website the Fortuna has even written that they deserved to win with more goals. On the contrary, I have seen a very balanced race decided by a single episode as often happens in football. Maybe a greater cynicism on goal and a higher pressing could have led to a different result, but you did a good race anyway. What do you think about last Wednesday's match?

"I respect the considerations of the technician of Fortuna, but personally I think that those who saw the game can hardly have doubts about the fact that in the second half Fortuna struggled to get out of his half with Brescia who imposed his game. Unfortunately we had a wrong approach, too shy, in the race and in the first half we did not play as we had to. They were good at exploiting our positioning error during the defensive phase, scoring the second and last chance we granted; on our part, the bitterness remains in the mouth for not having finalized the amount of game built ".

On a psychological level, losing a well-played race can lead one to ruminate on the previous discomforted encounter, on the other hand to give the charge to face the return with the knife between the teeth. Last year you scored the qualifying goal in the final minutes of the return match in Denmark: do you think that this year there will be the possibility of a similar race to that of the past year? What is there to improve compared to the first leg to return to Italy with the qualification to the quarterfinals as happened last year?
"Our mentality leads us to always look at our next commitment, working day by day. What has been was, it is true of victories, as well as defeats. From each experience you will learn useful lessons for the future, but you must leave the race behind. The match of the last season is something epic both for the result achieved, the quarter-finals, and for how it was achieved, are very strong emotions that lodge within each of us and within each staff member, but that of tomorrow will be a totally different match. We know we can do a lot better than the first leg and we are only at the end of the first half so we have all the time to overturn every prediction and result with the right approach ".

At the end of the race the Rigamonti applauded you, a sign that despite the defeat the team liked. Do you think that in Denmark the public can load the Danes and put you in awe or do you believe that by now you have acquired experience and maturity in Europe that does not suffer this kind of pressure? Mister Sørensen said that their home field is more functional and suited to their game than the Rigamonti: what are the differences between the two playgrounds? Do you think Brescia could suffer?
"That of Hjørring is an environment that we already know, they are transformed into home becoming even more fearful, but for us the field of Fortuna, smaller than the Rigamonti, is functional to our game. As for the fund you will only have to understand if it has held up well to the weather since until Sunday was covered with frozen snow. We played in other warm stadiums like Liverpool and Wolfsburg, as they are always particular matches in Italy are the games you play in Rome and the derbies with Mozzanica and Verona, but in the field you think about one thing: win! "

National Parenthesis: the draw was far from lucky but can be an extra stimulus to give each one the 110% to try to get through the round. What do you think of the teams you will face from 17 to 25 July and how many concrete chances do we have to go through?
"The European is far, there is still a lot of time ahead to improve as a team and also refine the game system. Needless to deny that it is a group of iron, but I think we do not leave a priori beaten, if we play from Italy we can say ours and annoy everyone. It will be important to get to the appointment in a good state of mental and physical form, but we of Brescia under this last aspect are quiet thanks to Prof. Pellegrini, despite the many commitments of the team we ended last season in a state of excellent form , after having maintained it throughout the season ".

Thanks Valentina and good luck for the Danish trip. Take Italy forward in the Champions League! Force gnare!

Interview by Federico Scarso.
In the photo of Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella Valentina in action in the first leg played last November 9 at Rigamonti.

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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