Friday, January 17 2020
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The Ravenna Women replies about the defeat for 3-0 recessed at a table imposed by the Sporting Judge in the Italian Cup match against Imola

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The Ravenna Woman company, following the Official Announcement 21 of the 27 September in which the loss for the 3-0 table of the Italian Cup match against Imola was imposed, the € 200,00 fine and the disqualification of the manager companion Claudia Mariani, is keen to clarify the following.

The members Linda Giovagnoli and Francesca Cicci had been authorized, according to the art. 34 paragraph 3 and 3 bis of NOIF, by the Regional Committee of Emilia Romagna already for the last season. The company emphasizes that the NON 34 article requires that the approval of the membership committee, but not that this must be requested every year.

The company wants to reiterate on the one hand its full compliance with the federal rules, but above all and above all else respect and maximum protection of the health of its members, just as expected and enshrined in the same federal law.

Just in light of the above and despite the punishment of the loss of the game against the Imolese at the table does not go to invalidate the passage of the Italian Cup, Ravenna Woman intends to appeal against the decision of the Sporting Court, just to prove and see certified by the same federal bodies full respect both of the rules and the health of their athletes.

Ravenna Woman Women's Soccer
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