Italian Cup: Imolese F & M - Ravenna Women, the sports judge assigns the victory to rossoblu

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In the afternoon of today, the sports judge, with the CU 21, spoke about the appeal presented immediately after the game of Imola - Ravenna Woman, the return match of the first round of the Italian Cup. The complaint was accepted, thus inverting the result of the field by approving the result of 3-0.
The appeal to the sports justice was necessary given the infraction of the red and white team, which has called two players not yet sixteen without having requested authorization from the Regional Committee of belonging.

The management welcomes this pronouncement of the GS, which confirms the guarantor of the health and safety of the young athletes, as well as the rules for these purposes.
Below, the full text.

"10 / 09 / 2017 RACES
the Sporting Judge;
examined the complaint made by ACD Imolese from which the irregular position is deduced, in the tender in the epigraph, of the kickers Cicci Francesca born the 16 / 03 / 2002 and Giovagnoli Linda born the 25 / 02 / 2002 registered for the company San Zaccaria, which would not have had the right to take part in it since they were not authorized for competitive activity by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Committee, as provided for by art. 34 comma 3 and 3 bis of NOIF;
preliminarily it is noted that the complaint also refers to the forward race held on 3 / 9 / 2017. Regarding this was not presented by the ACD Imolese company any written reservation to the arbitrator nor pre-announcement and complaint in peremptory terms. On this point, therefore, the complaint in question is to be considered out of term and inadmissible;
as regards the 13 / 09 / 2017 race, it should be noted that due to the inadmissibility of the complaint concerning the first round one, the acceptance would be irrelevant for the company Imolese for the purpose of shifting the shift, resulting in a lack of interest of society
in any case, this Office, in highlighting that the law in question is aimed at protecting the health of infrasedicenne players, and is therefore a very important norm, has performed ritual investigations at the Regional Committee Emilia-Romagna LND and detects only for of the
decision attesting the said Regional Committee in which it is acknowledged that the company San Zaccaria has not requested any authorization for the 2017-2018 season, pursuant to the NO.34 co.3 of the NOIF, for the Cicci footballers Francesca and Giovagnoli Linda
accepting the complaint of the Company ACD IMOLESE disposes in accordance with art. 17 nº 4 of the CGS;
to inflict on the San Zaccaria Society the sports penalty of the loss of the race with the score
of 3 - 0, as well as the fine of Euro 200,00;
to inhibit the responsible manager Mariani Claudia of the San Zaccaria company up to 18.10.2017;
to return the claim fee. "

Yuri Barbieri
Press office
Imolese F & M ACD

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