Tuesday, January 21 2020
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A good Imola is not enough to avoid defeat

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In the return match of the first round of the Italian Cup, the Ravenna Woman wins the Galli by winning the contest for two to zero.
Mister Morotti made three changes compared to the past 90 minutes, with Bastianelli, Bertozzi and Ceppari in place of Purificato, Zotti and Finotello in the initial eleventh.
The Balacich-Rizzo couple presents a distorted formation in the field compared to the one used seven days ago, leaving space for many second lines.

In the first minutes both teams have the opportunity to take the lead: first the hosts with Colasuonno, good to snatch the ball from the feet of Quadrelli and to worry Tampieri and then Tucceri, who punishes Iraci on punishment, ready to take refuge in the corner .
At the 16 'new opportunity for the red and white with Barbaresi, not optimal in the head butt.
It is Muratori per minute 30 to unlock the result thanks to a winning tapin of head, collecting the conclusion of Casadio ended up on the crossbar.
At the end of the first half Quadrelli puts Errico in motion with a nice filtering pass, cross for Cimatti that from two steps incarnates without centering the target.

The second fraction begins with the rossoblu determined to equalize the bill but the Ravenna Woman contains the conclusions of the offensive department of Imola. The guests go to counterattack with Muratori, his conclusion is neutralized by Iraci. Errico has the opportunity to double, but Iraci responds to the shot from distance. Cimatti, a minute 70 'signed the former goal bringing the lead to two goals, propitiated by the assistant of Quadrelli.
Imola tries to shorten the distances on several occasions; the clearest arrive with Zandomenichi and Soglia, their attacks do not center the mirror of the door. The last opportunity is for the Ravenna Woman with Burbassi, who face to face with Iraci kicks to the side.

So ends the game, with the Ravenna accessing the next round. Good evidence of the girls of Morotti, who have shown to hold the field against superior opponents.
Mr rossoblu is satisfied with the performance of his team: "The girls have responded well, on two occasions we have repeated the mistakes made in the first leg and our opponents have punished us. However, I am happy with the road we have taken, we will improve week after week ".

Imolese F & M: Iraci Sareri, Bastianelli (20 'Finotello), Lenzi, Manara, Bertozzi, Giovannini, Ait Bouazza, Soglia, Ceppari (46' Nahi), Zandomenichi, Colasuonno (46 'Antonellini). All .: Morotti.
Available: Bartolini, Zotti, Lazzaro, Papa.

Ravenna Woman: Tampieri, Quadrelli, Tucceri Cimini, Campesi (55 'Carrozzi), Manieri (77' Giovagnoli), Costantino, Muratori, Casadio, Barbaresi, Errico (71 'Burbassi), Cimatti. All .: Balacich - Rizzo.
A disp .: Cicci, Cuciniello, Pugnali, Pittaccio.

Markers: 30 'Muratori, 70' Cimatti.
Ammonites: Lazarus, Nahi.

Referee: Bonci of Pesaro.

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