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Giancarlo Padovan, the importance of communication!

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On Thursday 2 February, the course for Press Attendant, organized for free by, was held by our Director Giancarlo Padovan and broadcast via streaming throughout Italy.
In the beautiful seat of the Lombardy-LND-FGC Regional Committee, which we thank for the reception, in the presence of some students enrolled in the course who have been able to intervene directly in the classroom and beyond 200 connected online, Giancarlo Padovan, a well known journalist Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, has begun the presentation of the subjects that will be taught in the next seven days (every Thursday from 16 to 19).
Those who missed the opportunity to attend this first meeting will have the opportunity to review this first lesson by connecting to the site of

Padovan, in the first part of his speech, wanted to emphasize the value that has the COMMUNICATION, especially for small amateur clubs of the Province, not only football but all sports, including in this context the women's football, little followed by National media. Promoting INFORMATION is vitally important to get KNOWLEDGE and to get to know the PRODUCT that we "want to sell".

Football in the higher categories such as the A and B series, motor racing, motorcycling, tennis, cycling, basketball, find great ease of diffusion at all media levels and also today with the social networks the important news arrive in a flash everywhere. What is missing is often the poor or late communication in the so-called minor sports, those that should be encouraged to also encourage the arrival of sponsors and loans to the companies concerned and above all to give the right VISIBILITY to "those who go down in field ", who are struggling and working, often supported only by their passion!

It is necessary to STIMULATE people to KNOW and attend these sports, very important especially at the local level, that help the SPORTS to grow from the base and are useful because they also encourage the approach to sport by young people.
Of course, in order to COMMUNICATE in the right way, giving a READY AND CORRECT INFORMATION requires commitment, passion and dedication. "There is no goal without FATICA in all areas of life": this has told us Giancarlo Padovan starting the course.

To make COMMUNICATION it is therefore necessary to be PREPARED: read the newspapers, follow the sports activities on the various Social and on TV, LISTEN to the protagonists of the sport; then you need to know how to draw information and ideas from what you read and see, make the right assessments even on a personal level, then arm yourself with paper and pen and begin to WRITE ... Who knows more, more INFORMATION, but it is essential to always give a 'information the most correct and truthful as possible, then it is necessary, first of all, to KNOW COMMUNICATING, which is different from the mere fact of informing, of giving the simple news.

There were many debated topics and many questions (over 100) on the part of people attending the course in the classroom and in connection with Streaming.
In the next days there will also be distinguished guests and prepared on the subject of communication, on the function of press officer in large sports clubs, on the organization of work, on how to write press releases and organize a press conference, the use of the WEB and of new technologies, etc.

I therefore ask those who have the opportunity to intervene in the classroom, it does not matter if you have not enrolled in the course before, you can do it later without any problem or commitment. A greater number of people present would feed the debate and the exchange of experiences between "teachers and students".

The entire editorial staff of "" is certain that this course will be of CONCRETE help to those who will then work in the field, in the practice of every day, in small provincial companies and also to those who will have the opportunity to write in local newspapers, which are the primary source of information and news concerning the sporting activities of the area under its jurisdiction.

See you next Thursday. in the coming days will communicate the name of the guest present in the classroom.

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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