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Brescia - Fortuna Hjørring: report cards

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brescia bad cards
The report cards of Federico Scarso on Brescia - Fortuna Hjørring

: good game both during construction and during the defensive phase; only the goal is missing.
Marchitelli 6,5: innocent on the goal immediately, always careful and safe in the various outputs and when called into question to play with your feet.
6,5 range: someone attributes to her the fault of the goal but I do not think she had many alternatives to sweep the ball head towards the center of the field. Good evidence during the defensive phase and support for the offensive maneuver. Save the goal of the 0-2 with Marchitelli now beaten.
D'Adda 6: the backlog is less clear, but still deserves full sufficiency.
Save 6,5: recovers many balls in a slip. Thøgersen is certainly not an easy opponent but manages to manage well.
Bonansea 6,5: guarantees an excellent test during the pushing phase and during the covering phase. It is wrong not to return to the goal of Tamires, which costs half a point.
5,5 apples: loses too many balls, perhaps also limited by the protective mask. He goes out for cramps after giving everything for the team (87 'Eusebio sv: enter the last minutes).
Cernoia 6: not its best game, it is limited to the homework.
7 Manors: pushes and crosses a lot, sowing panic along the left wing.
5,5 Girelli: should be a glue between midfield and attack but before finding the right position in the field it takes about half an hour.
5,5 Fuselli: creates few dangers from parts of Christensen (70 '6 Serenades: livens up the biancoblù attack with its freshness and speed).
Sabatino 6,5: try repeatedly to inflate the opponent's network without success but his attempts are numerous.
All. Bertolini 6: It puts a good Brescia in the field that expresses good game. Make only one change, excluding that of Mele all'87 'cramps, because the team is actually there and plays well. Unfortunate and undeserved result.

FORTUNA HJØRRING 6: takes home the first round even if not fully deserving the result.
Christensen 6,5: responds to this when called in question leaving the door inviolate.
Hyyrynen 5,5: the defenses of Salvai and especially Manieri do not let her spend a quiet evening.
Gewitz 6: performance without lights or shadows.
Damjanović 7: it is everywhere, often succeeding in rendering vain actions of the premises.
Tamires 6: pushes well offensive scoring also the decisive goal but it is not enough in the defensive phase that for a full-back should be the priority.
Thøgersen 7,5: crazy chip on the right wing, is the best in the field and the most dangerous player of the Danes.
5 Cordia: has a good opportunity to score but kicked weakly in Marchitelli's mouth, you hardly ever see (67 'Frank 6,5: his entry contributes to the decisive defensive phase to keep the goal ahead).
Heroum 5: you almost never see and in general the Danish midfield points lose much against the Italian.
Olar 6: the Capitana alternates good actions with moments when it disappears.
Larsen 6: try to create something and in part it succeeds; has the ball of the 0-2 but after jumping Serturini slips making himself recover from D'Adda.
Čonč 5,5: starts well, creating but always missing the finalization. It ends in decreasing (56 'Hansen 5: he enters but he is totally extraneous to the game).
All. Sørensen 6: never prevails on Brescia as it wants to make believe, even in the first half very balanced and decided by an episode. It breaks the sufficiency because it reaches the prefixed goal, that is to win.

Referee Larsson 5,5: there are two tactical fouls of Fortuna Hjørring not sanctioned with a yellow card and interrupts the first half without letting Brescia end a dangerous action, for the rest it maintains a consistent attitude letting it run too many times. Good performances of the assistants Johansson and Nyström.

Scoreboard of Federico Scarso.
Photo by Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella.

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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