Friday, February 28 2020
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Catanzaro and Magna Graecia surprisingly beat Res Roma and Mestre, winning the final at the end of two exciting challenges. Both teams hit for the first time in their history the final act excluding the winner and the finalist of the last edition. Two races full of scene shots ended on the line of the siren, two challenges that have exalted the spirit of beach soccer, having fun the public in the stands. Between Catanzaro and Res Roma it was a run up to the last moment with Capalbo who scored the equalizer goal for the Giallorossi a few seconds from the end. The same Capalbo in competitive trance marked the decisive penalty while the number one Modestia has neutralized the conclusion of Ceccarelli.

The other meeting was also resolved a few moments from the end. Mestre, gone over two lengths, has lowered the guard and the Magna Graecia has made a masterpiece in the last fraction scoring the three decisive goals in the last 6 'with the Disimino, Othmani and Bertolini. The favorites then leave the place to Catanzaro and Magna Graecia that will play a new final for the conquest of the fourth female title that has always had a different triumph. Sign that the discipline is dynamic and the values ​​change with the passing of the seasons.
RES ROMA-CATANZARO 3-4 dtr (1-2; 1-0; 1-1)
Res Rome: Pipitone, Sclavo, Ciccotti, Villani, Ceccarelli, Caruso, Di Giammarino, Labate, Nagni, Caporro, Cunsolo, Inchingolo. All: Melillo
Catanzaro: Modestia, Tallarigo, Agostino, Riccelli, Marino, Sabatino, Capalbo, Rovito, Liuzzo, Ierardi, Borello, Bagnato. All: Dear
Referees: Addis (Olbia), Melfi (Vasto)
Networks: 1 'pt Marino (C), 5' Marino (C), 8 'pt Nagni (R); 2 'st Cunsolo (R); 8 'tt Ciccotti (R), 12' Capalbo (C).
Penalties: Capalbo (C),
Third exit for the beach in Serie A and a great challenge between Res Roma and Catanzaro for the group A. Match immediately in orbit and who wins is in the final championship waiting to know the winner between Mestre and Magna Grecia. Sprint start and open face race. Very nice actions and lively game. The Calabrians give a further acceleration to their lunges and score twice in the 5 minute. Double for the fast Federica Marino that goes beyond the reactive and careful Pipitone. La Res reacts but finds satisfaction only with the XNXX 'when the capitoline captain, Vanessa Nagni, guess the right angle by shortening the distances. The recovery opens with the euro Cunsolo goal. The ball starts from midfield like a missile and slips under the seven of the door defended by the Catanzaro Modestia. The Catanzaro approaches the new advantage with the shot of Borello but Pipitone foils and puts in corner. Great balance in the field and very open result. The third portion of time opens under a light rain that does not slow down the rides of girls and the great desire to land in the final. Pipitone saves twice on Marino and Sabatino del Catanzaro and calls his companions to cover more the midfield, too often bypassed exposing it to the conclusions of the Calabrian. La Res for his part bangs on the goalkeeper Modestia who saves on Cunsolo and Ceccarelli but 8 'passes. Network of Ciccotti on Nagni's assist and is 8-3 for the capitoline. Great final for a spectacular match! At the last second Pipitone returns, the ball slams on Capalbo and slowly rolls into the net. Draw and penalty kicks. Capalbo transforms for the Catanzaro, while Ceccarelli is hypnotized by Modestia and the Calabrese fly in the final.

Mestre: Ghion, Zanoni, Stefanello, Vanin, Zuanti, Toffolo, Camilli, Battaiotto, Pinel, Battiva. All: Minio
Salernitana: Radu, Ghita, Othmani, Bertolini, Disimino, Bellizio, Ontano, Martone, Larenza, Cianci. All: Russian
Referees: Polito (Aprilia), Susanna (Roma 2).
Networks: 6 'st Camilli (M), 6' st Zuanti (M), 6 'tt Disimino (S) on penalty kick, 9' tt Othmani (S), 12 'tt Bertolini (S)
Second decisive match to arrive at the final championship for the women's Serie A. In the field for group B the champions in charge of the Mestre and the Salernitana Magna Graecia. It was expected greater "suffering" sports for the bells and instead it is the Mestre to work harder in the first half. Othmani also hits a crossbar and all the formation grenade leads an almost perfect match in the presence of the strong lagoons. The study phase lasts for the entire first fraction of the game and the result remains nailed to the 0-0. The stakes are very high and in fact conditions the "unscrupulousness" during the attack. To dissolve the race in the second half is the tap in Camilli that, in advance, "burns" Radu for the Veneto advantage. The bells react immediately, pouring forward but they take a fulminating restart of Zuanti, which doubles. All in a minute at the BetClic Stadium in Montalto and the Mestre changes gear. Opportunities increase but Vanin, stationary in the Salerno area, does not exploit them properly. The third time still gives emotions and show to no end. The Mestre squanders the double advantage and greets the final surprise. The Salernitana Magna Greece first shorter on a penalty kick awarded for the foul of Ghion on Disimino. The same realizes displacing the extreme Venetian defender and starts the amazing comeback. A minute later Othmani draws and the final becomes incandescent. While preparing for the penalty shoot-out, the goal that sends Magna Grecia into orbit. The signature is that of Bartolini and on the ticket there is written the final 2014 shield against the Catanzaro. The Mestre has perhaps paid initial fogging and has suffered, quite clearly, the recoil on the occasion of the Campania draw.
Pool A: Res Rome-Lady Terracina 7-2 (rest Catanzaro)
Group B: Pol. Magna Graecia-Pro Soccer Terracina 3-2 (rests Mestre)

Pool A: Lady Terracina-Catanzaro 2-3 (rest Res Rome)
Group B: Mestre-Pro Soccer Terracina 9-2 (rests Magna Graecia)
Pool A: Res Rome-Catanzaro 3-4 dtr (rest Lady Terracina)
Group B: Mestre-Magna Graecia 2-3 (rest Pro Calcio Terracina)
Group A Ranking: Catanzaro 5 points; Res Rome 3; Lady Terracina 0
Table Group B: Magna Graecia 6 points; Mestre 3; Pro Terracina 0

Sunday July 27
3 ^ / 4 ^ place: Res Rome-Mestre h: 11: 00
1 ^ / 2 ^ place: Catanzaro-Magna Graecia h: 12: 00

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