Monday, August 19 2019
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The 2 day of women's beach soccer has decreed the exclusion of the two teams of Terracina reducing the fight for the final in Catanzaro and Res Rome (Girone A), Mestre and Magna Graecia (Group B). The two races today have had a completely different storyline. The debutant Catanzaro has mocked the Lady Terracina just at the end of the time thanks to the scratch of Sabatino (double for her). A match fought until the last moment, only the fate and a bit more grit have allowed the Calabrians to be able to play the final tomorrow against Res Rome. The other race had no history, too strong the champions in charge of the Mestre for a willing but Pro Terracina that the chances of qualification if it was played in the first meeting. The bomber of the last edition Jenny Camilli remained dry-mouthed by chance. It was teammate Vanin who made the big voice and scored poker. Tomorrow decisive challenge of the lagoons against Salernitana Magna Graecia.

Pool A: Res Rome-Lady Terracina 7-2 (rest Catanzaro)
Group B: Pol. Magna Graecia-Pro Soccer Terracina 3-2 (rests Mestre)

Pool A: Lady Terracina-Catanzaro 2-3 (rest Res Rome)
Group B: Mestre-Pro Soccer Terracina 9-2 (rests Magna Graecia)

Group A Ranking: Res Roma, Catanzaro 3 points; Lady Terracina * 0

Table Group B: Magna Graecia, Mestre 3 points; Pro Terracina * 0
* one more race

3 ^ DAY
Pool A: Res Rome-Catanzaro h: 10: 00 (rest Lady Terracina)
Group B: Mestre-Magna Graecia h: 11: 00 (rest Pro Calcio Terracina)

Lady Terracina: Severino, Di Mascolo, Randich, Coletta, Vellucci, Verrelli, D'Alessio, Politi, Atterga, Gava, Scaccia, Lucarelli. All: Zannella
Catanzaro: Modestia, Tallarigo, Agostino, Riccelli, Marino, Sabatino, Capalbo, Rovito, Liuzzo, Ierardi, Borello, Bagnato. All: Dear
Referees: Matticoli (Isernia), Taverna (Gorizia)
Networks: 2 'st Sabatino (C), 6' st Vellucci (T), 7 'st Vellucci (T); 4 'tt Ierardi (C), 12' tt Sabatino (C),
The morning of the great beach soccer on stage at Montalto continues with the women's Serie A. The calendar faces Lady Terracina and Catanzaro. The pontine must redeem the setback suffered by the Res Rome in the first exit while the Calabrians are at the debut. The match is exciting and very tactical. The two teams study for a long time and try to overcome without stopping. The Catanzaro hits two woods in the first half and the Lazio touches with Randich in closing. Nothing in fact in the early 12 'and all postponed to the second fraction when Sabatino, winning a contrast with the goalkeeper Severino, brings the Catanzaro to the 2' advantage. The terracinesi react and throw themselves forward in search of a draw but the Giallorossi hold up to the 6 'when nothing can on the Vellucci's side that draws the score. The network stuns Catanzaro that, a minute later, goes even below. Still she, still an impregnable shot and Terracina ahead. In the third and last time it is a real battle. Randich hits a sensational cross for Terracina while Ierardi is not wrong and draws for Catanzaro. Race very open and very beautiful. Rain of occasions from one side to the other and no dominance. The seconds on the board run fast and the players on the field are not spared. Randich touches again but, on the overthrow in front, Catanzaro is partying! Sabatino focuses on the 12 minute and concludes to the left of the pontino goalkeeper for the final 3-2.

Mestre: Ghion, Zanoni, Stefanello, Vanin, Zuanti, Toffolo, Camilli, Battaiotto, Pinel. All: Minio
Pro Football Terracina: Politi, Melis, De Simone, Altobelli, Duo, Paniccia, Mallorca, Natacchioni. All: Cicerani
Referees: Frau (Carbonia), Pungitore (Reggio Calabria)
Networks: 2 'pt Vanin (M), 4' pt Zuanti (M), 6 'pt Vanin (M); 2 'st Vanin (M), 2' st Paniccia (T), 4 'st Battaiotto (M), 11' st Zanoni; 1 'tt Zanoni (M), 9' tt Vanin (M), 10 'tt Zuanti (M), 12' tt Duo (T).
To close the second day for the women's series A the champions in charge of the Mestre in the presence of Pro Football Terracina. Majorca and companions do not have an easy life against the Venetian who leave very strong. The first time becomes the stage for the performance of a Vanin in great condition. Immediately scored the blonde 5 number with a slalom in the Pontine area culminated with the first goal. Alice Zuanti thinks from a distance to double, while for the trio, Zanin again with a lob to bypass the Lazio rearguard. The Mestre plays calmly and manages the full advantage until the end of the first fraction. Second 12 'and still a pearl of Mestre. Zuanti starts from midfield, sows two opponents, shoots at the bottom and serves the compelling Vanin in the middle of the area that, in tap in, makes 4-0. The pontine suffer the Veneto titles but find, on the midfield, the network that partially reopens the race thanks to Paniccia. Two minutes later the Lazio port is still violated, this time, by the Battaiotto. The team of Mr. Minio plays by heart and authoritatively confirming that the hunt for the second tricolor is open. Stefanelli hits the crossbar from 30 meters and touches the post a minute later. Pro Calcio Terracina does what it can but is objectively tough against the holders of the tricolor. At the end of the second half Zenoni also scored a goal with a right to turn to the politi that virtually closes the match but there is still a time to play. Mestre to the small trot but immediately in goal and again with Zanoni, lesta to transform a cross of the "usual" Zuanti. Vanin gives poker three minutes from the end and Zuanti, of "arrogance", the shotgun soon after. At the final whistle the pontine bring their booty to 2 and the race ends with the score of 9-2 in favor of the champions in charge.

Walter Pettinati
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