Monday, August 19 2019
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The first day of women's beach soccer gave the public of the Betclic Arena in Montalto di Castro two races full of goals and twists.
The Res Rome, as a year ago, started rocketing beating the Lady Terracina thanks to a capital performance of Cunsolo author of a hat-trick. In the long run the quality of the single capitoline girls prevailed playing in the Serie A of eleven football. The other match was more fought, the Magna Gaecia, who went under two lengths with Pro Terracina, made a prodigious comeback at the end of the second half and ended in 3 'from the end of the race. Determining the center of the Othmani. After the disappointment of the last edition the Salerno start on the right foot. Tomanzaro and Mestre come into play tomorrow and have rested on the first day.

LADY TERRACINA-RES ROME 1-7 (0-2; 0-2; 1-3)
Lady Terracina Basar: Severino, Cellupica, Di Mascolo, Vellucci, Verrelli, D'Alessio, Polito, Atterga, Lucarelli, Castelli, Scaccia. All: Zannella
Res Rome: Pipitone, Sclavo, Ciccotti, Villani, Ceccarelli, Caruso, Di Giammarino, Labate, Nagni, Caporro, Cunsolo, Inchingolo. All: Melillo
Referees: Susanna (Rome 2), Polito (Aprilia)
Networks: 3 'pt Cunsolo (R), 10' pt Cunsolo (R), 6 'st Sclavo (R), 7' st Caruso (R), 4 'tt Cunsolo (R), 6' tt Ceccarelli (R), 11 'tt Polito (T), 12' tt Labate (R).
The Serie A of the beach soccer in pink makes its debut in the BetClic Beach Stadium of Montalto di Castro and to open the dances, the formations of Lady Terracina and Res Roma. The first half is the prerogative of the girls capitoline and the goleador Eleonora Cunsolo who makes a splendid shotgun. The pontines put their hearts on it, striking two woods, but the first fraction closes without other jolts. In the second half Res Roma manages to extend its pace with Sclavo and Caruso's networks. At this point the team of Zannella shows some signs of skidding and the Giallorossi, let the minutes flow without danger as happened instead in the first half. Third time at slightly slower pace but the Res Rome is still implacable. Combined action Nagni-Cunsulo and 5 ^ net for the girls of Mr. Fabio Melillo; cross of the 10 number and header of the 13 number, head. A few minutes later is instead Ceccarelli to increase the booty of the Res with a great shot from midfield that Severino prank out. Result and armored victory for the capitoline that begin in the best way their hunt for the shield 2014. At the expiration of the flag goal for the Lady Terracina that stamps with the number Polito 10 but Res responds in recovery by setting the score on the 7-1 final.

Salernitana: Radu, Ghita, Othmani, Bertolini, Disimino, Bellizio, Ontano, Martone, Larenza, Cianci. All: Russian
Pro Football Terracina: Politi, Melis, De Simone, Altobelli, Duò, Paniccia, Mallorca, Naticchioni, Pisa, Zomparelli. All: Cicerani
Referees: Addis (Olbia), Melfi (Vasto)
Networks: 5 'pt Zomparelli (T), 5' st Paniccia (T), 9 'st Bertolini (S), 4' tt Bertolini (S), 9 'tt Othmani (S).
On the sand for the second race scheduled Salernitana and Pro Calcio Terracina. Speed ​​and competitiveness from the very first bars with great balance between the two teams. Spends half of the first half before a free throw, transformed by Zomparelli, unblocks the result in favor of the pontine and the first 12 minutes end on the score of 1-0 for the girls of Cicerani. In the second half the bells push with all their strength but find a wall in the number one Lazio Politi. While it seems that the Salernitana can reach a draw, comes the cold shower of the doubling of the Pontine team. And 'Paniccia to settle the ball on the right and download behind Radu directly from midfield. However, the grenades do not give up and finally, they manage to shorten the distances with Bertolini. The insistent action of the unleashed 9 number and winning tap for the 1-2 which reopens the race. Always Bertolini touches the tie but the whistle at the end of the time refers to the third and last time. It picks up where it left off and is immediately "battle". The bells believe in it and in the end they succeed. Still Bertolini, this time with a lob to the kiss, and is a draw. The goal puts the wings to the team grenade and even get the advantage! Othmani gets away and lets start a perfect diagonal that makes his companions explode with joy for this great comeback. The pontine are not there and fight in the remaining minutes with doubled ardor even if, the network of the opponent's advantage, has a little cut the legs in Mallorca and companions. Just Mallorca, best beacher 2013, throw on every useful ball but the board remains fixed on 3-2 in favor of Salernitana Magna Greece that takes away the three points.


Pool A: Res Rome-Lady Terracina 7-2 (rest Catanzaro)
Group B: Pol. Magna Graecia-Pro Soccer Terracina 3-2 (rests Mestre)
Group A Ranking: Res Roma 3 points; Lady Terracina, Catanzaro * 0
Table Group B: Magna Graecia 3 points; Pro Terracina, Mestre * 0
* one less race

Friday July 25
2 ^ DAY
Pool A: Lady Terracina-Catanzaro h: 11: 00 (rest Res Roma)
Group B: Mestre-Pro Soccer Terracina h: 12: 00 (rests Magna Graecia)

Saturday July 26
3 ^ DAY
Pool A: Res Rome-Catanzaro h: 10: 00 (rest Lady Terracina)
Group B: Mestre-Magna Graecia h: 11: 00 (rest Pro Calcio Terracina)

Sunday July 27
3 ^ / 4 ^ place: 2 ^ ranked gir.A ​​vs 2 ^ gir. B h: 11: 00
1 ^ / 2 ^ place: 1 ^ ranked gir.A ​​vs 1 ^ gir. B h: 12: 00

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