Saturday, August 24 2019
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Good first for the Res Rome that, in the debut match of the national championship of Beach Soccer, beats 7 to 1 the Lady Terracina.
The girls of Mister Melillo start well and close the first fraction ahead for 2 to 0 thanks to a double by Eleonara Cunzolo, best on the pitch for the whole match.
In the second of three times the Terracina tries to reduce the disadvantage, but is unlucky and hits two piles.
With the passing of the minutes Res Roma back in charge of the field and still goes in goal with the very young Sclavo and Caruso.

In the third and last time Cunsolo still goes on the net, who signs his personal hat-trick, Ceccareli and at the end Labate. For the Terracina only the joy of the flag goal by Pulito.
These are the statements of Mister Melillo: "It was an important and almost unexpected success, not having so much time to prepare adequately for this event. However, the girls played with the right spirit, keeping the company's name high. I am very satisfied with the attitude, the determination and the participation of the girls in the race. We hope to be able to play the final like last year ».

LADY TERRACINA-RES ROME 1-7 (0-2; 0-2; 1-3)
Lady Terracina Basar: Severino, Cellupica, Di Mascolo, Vellucci, Verrelli, D'Alessio, Polito, Atterga, Lucarelli, Castelli, Scaccia. All: Zannella
Res Rome: Pipitone, Sclavo, Ciccotti, Villani, Ceccarelli, Caruso, Di Giammarino, Labate, Nagni, Caporro, Cunsolo, Inchingolo. All: Melillo
Referees: Susanna (Rome 2), Polito (Aprilia)
Networks: 3 'pt Cunsolo (R), 10' pt Cunsolo (R), 6 'st Sclavo (R), 7' st Caruso (R), 4 'tt Cunsolo (R), 6' tt Ceccarelli (R), 11 'tt Polito (T), 12' tt Labate (R).

Res Rome press office

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