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Beach soccer girls return to the field. You play from 24 to 27 July in Montalto di Castro (VT) with the Italian champion Mestre in charge to beat.
Tomorrow 24 July will kick off the national beach soccer championship 2014. The setting for the event will be the beach of Montalto di Castro, a town in the Viterbo area with a deep historical and landscape value. For the second consecutive year the Beach Soccer Department of LND has renewed its commitment to football on the beach in pink, thanks to the great media and public success obtained last season when the girls of the Mestre climbed for the first time on the roof of Italy in the final won for 4-1 against Res Roma in San Benedetto del Tronto.

The formula of the championship provides two groups of three teams each, with one-way races to be disputed between the 24 and 26 July, as follows: in group A we find the Res Roma, the Lady Terracina and the Catanzaro, while in the group B la Magna Graecia, the Terracina and the champions in charge of the Mestre. According to the regulation the 3 points will be awarded exclusively for the victory at the end of the three-time regulation of twelve minutes each, while the victory on penalties and defeat will assign respectively 2 and 0 points. In the next phase, scheduled for Sunday 27 July, the finals will be staged for the assignment of the title of Italian Champion 2014 among the first classified of the two groups and that for third and fourth place. The women's tournament will take place concurrently with the last stage of Group A of the Serie A Enel, also in Montalto di Castro.
July 24 2014
Pool A
h 16.30 Res Rome-Lady Terracina
rest: Catanzaro
Pool B
h 17.30 Magna Graecia-Terracina
rest: Mestre

July 25 2014
Pool A
h 11.00 Lady Terracina-Catanzaro
rest: Res Rome
Pool B
h 12.00 Mestre-Terracina
rest: Magna Graecia

July 26 2014
Pool A
h 10.00 Res Rome-Catanzaro
rest: Lady Terracina
Pool B
h 11.00 Mestre-Magna Graecia
rest: Terracina

July 27 2014
h 11.00 Final 3 ° -4 ° place
h 12.00 Final 1 ° -2 ° place

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