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beach-soccer14The National Amateur League - in implementation of the provisions of art. 23 of the LND Rules and through its Beach Soccer Department - index and organizes, for the 2014 calendar year, the 2014 Series A Beach Soccer Women's Championship.
The Championship will be divided into two or more groups: one or more Groups reserved for teams from the Center-North and one or more Groups reserved for teams from the Center-South and Islands. Each group will consist of at least three / four teams each. The rules for conducting the Championship are as follows: each Group will play a unique stage, valid as a qualifying round to the final stages, concurrent with a stage of the National Men's Championship Series A. All races will be held in the morning or in some cases in the afternoon. The regulatory procedures are contained in the article 8 of this Official Communiqué.

a) Requirements for entry to the Serie A Beach Soccer 2014 Women's Series Applications for admission to the Serie A Beach Soccer Women's Championship must be filed or received, also by fax (No 06.32822706 - 02), at the Beach Soccer Department of the National Amateur League, located in Piazzale Flaminio n. 9 in Rome (Cap 00196) within the term of 16 / 04 / 2014, ore_12,00, accompanied by all the following obligations and using the appropriate forms attached to this Official Notice:
- Application for registration for the 2014 National Women's Championship and a census form, duly completed and signed by the Legal Representative of the Company;
- Sum of € 500,00, by bank transfer, as registration rights to the 2014 National Women's Championship
- Sum of € 250,00 by bank transfer, as a down payment to the National Female 2014 Championship (to guarantee any sports liabilities);
- Sum of € 250,00, by bank transfer, as a membership fee to the National Amateur League.
- Payments made by non-transferable cashier's check must be made out to:
FIGC - National Amateur League
Payments made by bank transfer must be made out as follows:
Bank name UNICREDIT - Agenzia Roma PO B
Address: Via Po, 52 - 00198 ROMA
IBAN Code: IT78S0200805016000400030336
Header: F.IG.C. - National Amateur League
Reason: Registration Company _________________ to the National Championship
2014 Female of Beach Soccer.
Failure to comply with the terms of 16 / 04 / 2014, 12,00 hours, even with reference to only one of the obligations set out in the previous points, constitutes grounds for the inadmissibility of the application for the companies to register for the Serie A 2014. AT THE END, THEY DO NOT FAITH THE POSTAL STAMP OR THE SHIPPING PERIOD OF THE DOCUMENTATION THAT MAY BE SENT BY A COURIER AND / OR RECOMMENDED AND / OR POST CELEBRATES, EVEN IF THEY ARE TRANSMITTED IN GOOD TIME BY THE COMPETENT OFFICES.
This is without prejudice to the fact that all documentation proving the fulfillment of all the required formalities, if transmitted by fax by the company concerned within the above deadline, must be received later than the aforementioned term, also in original, to the Beach Soccer Department Secretariat of the LND
b) Fines for waiver - National Championships Femm.le € 125,00 = 1 ° renunciation € 250,00 = 2 renouncement, with consequent exclusion from the Championship.
The reimbursement fines will be applied in double measure if the renunciation of participation in the competition takes place during the last stage of qualification of each group of the Serie A Championship (
c) Complaints to the National Sports Judge € 100,00
d) Complaints to the Federal Court of Justice € 200,00
Complaints to the Federal Court of Justice with urgent € 350,00 procedure
e) Appeals presented directly and personally by € 100,00 members
Appeals presented directly and on their own by € 130,00 members
with an urgent procedure
3 / 64f) Membership fees (footballers recreational and amateur activities):
- cost of the card, including € 6,00 membership and insurance premium
- 15,00 enabled coach card
- medical doctor € 50,00
- 4,00 impersonal card €
- separate block € 6,00 races
g) Associated companies
For the purposes of participation in the Serie A Championships, Men's 2014 B Series, and Women's Serie A, as well as the Italian Cup and the 2014 League Super Cup, only the Companies that do not adhere, directly or through the through its members, to the activity promoted, within the sphere of Beach Soccer, by other national Associations other than the LND or who have the same collaboration relationships, for any reason, aimed at promoting and supporting the activity of Beach Soccer in national and international field. As to the temporal operability of this prohibition, it is represented that it concerns the period between the 1 ° May and the 30 September 2014 in its entirety, and also extends to the cases in which the national 2014 activity is temporarily suspended for the coincident conduct of official international activity. (
Therefore, the right to join the LND are the only companies that fully comply with the conditions and requirements set forth in this paragraph. Any infringements detected in the course of the activity will determine disciplinary sanctions against the Company or the defaulting member.
h) Transitional rules
The Beach Soccer Department of the LND reserves the right to change the terms and conditions relating to the organizational provisions related to the performance of all the activities referred to in this Official Notice, with the exclusion of economic and financial obligations, giving timely notice to all the Companies concerned.
Article 2 - participation of the Championships in the Championship
In accordance with the 33 article of the Regulation of the National Amateur League, all non-registered players and members of the association, with companies affiliated to the FIGC - National Amateur League, can participate in the Championship for the players registered with the above companies. granted by the company it belongs to.
4 / 641. Participation in the Championship of all those players who are the subject of disqualification provisions, in progress for the entire duration of the tournament, issued by FIGC - National Amateur League through its Committees, is not allowed.
Division and Departments. (
2. The card issued by the Regional Committees or by the Provincial and District Delegations of the National Amateur League is an essential document to take part in the activity and must be presented to the referees, pursuant to Article 61, paragraph 1, of the NOIF ("Preliminary obligations to the competition "), together with the identification documents and a list, drawn up in duplicate, in which the names of the players, the captain and the vice-captain, the team leader (official accompanying officer) and all the other persons who can access the playing area, with indication of the relative cards. All the people that the teams intend to access the Game Rectangle (players, coaches, managers, chaperone, social doctor,
masseur) must be regularly registered, according to the provisions of the federal regulations in force concerning amateur and recreational activities.
3. The membership fee for the Beach Soccer Championships will be limited to the duration of the events and will not affect any different and possible simultaneous tie of the same players.
4. Without prejudice to the particular provisions contained in the Official Communiqué n. 100, published by the LND the 26 January 2010, and subsequent additions and / or changes made with notes of the LND Datas 05 / 07 / 2012 155 protocol and 30 / 06 / 2011 7888 protocol, which are attached to this Notice, in order to the first enrollment of foreign minor players, all applications for membership by the companies concerned, together with the related operations, must be drafted on the opposing federal forms and, simultaneously, must be carried out at the Regional Committees or the Provincial and District Delegations of the LND , with the exception of the possible registration of non-EU footballers of age and / or not covered by the provisions of the aforementioned CU n.100 of the LND and subsequent additions and / or amendments, which must be carried out exclusively at the competent Regional Committee, compliance with the procedures referred to in
next art. 5 For all membership applications, the Companies will have to make use of the operating procedures envisaged for recreational and amateur activities, with the consequent release of the related white plastic card, the issue of which is by the Regional Committee or the competent District or District Delegation .
The National Amateur League and the Beach Soccer Department decline any responsibility for any damage or accident to card holders or third parties, in this regard, in order to protect the participating teams in order to any physical accidents that may occur during the races, it is mandatory to present the medical certifications of fitness for competitive sports, in accordance with current regulations, in favor of their players. The certifications are held in the records by the participating teams, which are guarantors of the occurred health checks.
Article 3 - Participation of foreign players at the Championship
1. Without prejudice to the premises referred to in paragraph 4, of the previous art. 2, can be registered all female towns aged no less than 15 years, having residence and citizenship in the European community, as well as a maximum of two non-EU citizens per team, according to the procedures referred to in this article, up to a maximum of six foreign players, two of whom are from outside the EU.
2. For the purposes of participation in the Championship races, taking into account the game modes that provide for the "flying" replacement, the Clubs must deploy their team of no more than five players, one of which will play as goalkeeper. No competition will start if one or the other team has less than four players. It is possible to include in the official competition lists, from a minimum of five to a maximum of twelve players.
The Companies have, however, the obligation to include in the official list presented to the referee before each competition a minimum number of nine players of Italian citizenship and a maximum number of three foreign players, regardless of the status of community or non-EU citizens. , of a maximum of two non-EU citizens.
3. For the purpose of recognition of Italian citizenship, at the time of enrollment, an authentic copy of the passport or the original Italian citizenship certificate issued by the competent Authorities must be presented.
4. The residence permit is issued for the activities envisaged by the entry visa. For entry into Italy of non-EU citizens, motivated by reasons of visits, business, tourism and study, the residence permit is not required if the duration of the stay is not more than three months (28 Law May 2007, n. 68).
5. The duration of the residence permit is the one envisaged by the entry visa, also in implementation of the agreements and international conventions in force.
6. The residence permit is issued exclusively by the Police Headquarters of the Province in which the non-EU foreigner intends to establish himself from the moment he enters Italy. Upon submission of the request to the competent Police Headquarters, at the request of the interested party, the Police Headquarters can issue a statement stating that there are no grounds preventing the issuance of the residence permit, specifying the deadline and the reasons. This attestation gives the right to request the registration of foreign non-EU foreign players in favor of Amateur Sports Clubs and Associations.
7. Possible declarations by the Beach Soccer Companies, aimed at motivating the stay in Italy of the non-EU foreign national for sports activities with Italian companies that hold federal championships, do NOT constitute equivalent qualification to the residence permit.
8. The entry into Italy of non-EU citizens may also be allowed with short-stay visas issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular offices in the state of origin or permanent residence of the foreigner and valid up to a maximum of ninety days.
- and for long-term residence which entitle the holder to obtain a residence permit in Italy, with the same motivation as the one mentioned in the visa. For stays of less than three months, the reasons explicitly stated in visas issued by diplomatic or consular authorities of other States will also be considered valid.
9. For the National Beach Soccer activity of the year 2014, each club is allowed to register a maximum of two non-EU players who are in possession of a visa or residence permit in Italy, even for a duration of up to three months. to cover the entire membership period.
Article 4 - Procedural mechanisms and procedures for the presentation of the official tender lists
1. Regarding the mechanisms and procedures for the number of players included in the aforementioned official list, without prejudice to the provisions of the paragraph 2 of the preceding art. 3, it is understood that. if the number of the player is less than twelve - the corresponding Italian / foreign combinations must be compulsorily carried out as follows:
• N. 11 kickers in BOM: compulsory insertion of n.8 Italian kickers and n.3 foreign kickers;
• N. 10 kickers in BOM: obligation to insert n. 7 Italian soccer players and n. 3 foreign soccer players;
7 / 64 • N. 9 kickers in BOM: obligation to insert n. 7 Italian soccer players and n. 2 foreign soccer players;
• N.8 calculators in BOM: obligation to insert n. 6 Italian soccer players and n. 2 foreign soccer players;
• N. 7 kickers in BOM: compulsory insertion of n.5 Italian kickers and n.2 foreign kickers;
• N. 6 kickers in BOM: obligation to insert n. 4 Italian soccer players and n. 2 foreign soccer players;
• N. 5 kickers in BOM: obligation to insert n. 4 Italian soccer players and n.1 foreign player.
• N. 4 kickers in BOM: obligation to insert n.4 Italian soccer players and no foreigners.
Failure to comply with the above provisions will be punished with the loss of the tender, provided for by art. 17, paragraph 5, of the Code of Sporting Justice.
2. Pursuant to art. 61, paragraph 5, of NOIF ("Preliminary fulfillment of the competition"), the player without a card or identification document can also take part in the competitions, if the official accompanying officer of the team attests in writing, with consequent responsibility of the Company punishable by the sanctions referred to in the Code of Sporting Justice, that the player is regularly registered and that the Company has forwarded to the competent federal body, at least by the day before the race, a regular registration request, showing the documentation attesting the performance of the related procedures, in particular:
a) Copy of the membership request bearing the date of filing with the Regional Committee or the Provincial Delegations of the LND,
b) Copy of the membership request sent to the Regional Committee or to the Provincial Delegation of the LND, together with the receipt of registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt issued by the Post Office at which the documentation relating to the membership was sent.
3. The team manager (or the captain) can ask the referees to see the cards and documents of the players and managers of the opposing team. The arbitrators, after checking the documents handed in, will proceed to recognize the players and managers on the list, in the presence of both teams.
8 / 644. In any case, those who are affected by disqualifications or inhibitions, not yet granted, for disciplinary infractions committed as subjects of sports activity within the scope of the FIGC can not be registered for the Beach Soccer activity. The LND can derogate from this prohibition case of subjects affected by disqualification for one or more days of competition or for a fixed-term disqualification not exceeding one month.
Article 5 - limits for the participation of the players in the competitions 4 players are played + kickers + 1 goalkeeper and you can indicate, in the competition, a maximum number of 7 kickers to bring on the bench (available). The minimum number to start the races and 3 kickers + 1 goalkeeper, if other players arrive after the game has started they can only take part in the game if they were indicated as kickers before the kick-off and the officials were informed. If in case of expulsions or injuries, the number of the clacaitrici of one of the two teams is less than 3 (including the goalkeeper) the race must be suspended definitively, resulting in a table victory with the score of 0 -10 in favor of the team opposing
When registering, whose deadline is set for 12,00 16 / 04 / 2014 hours, each team must present the name list of their players (minimum 10 - maximum 20). All teams that have (always at the time of enrollment) a list containing a number of players under 20 are allowed to complete this list after the elimination phase, and in any case before the dispute of the semi-final match, with a maximum number of 2 kickers. At each competition, 12 kickers, 4 + 1 in the field and 7 on the bench can participate. SI may then indicate in the competition list up to a maximum of 12 total players.
Article 6 - persons admitted in the game rectangle.
For the Championship competitions, they are allowed in the playing area for each of the teams, provided they have an amateur card valid for the season that has occurred:
A. The reserve players
B. An official accompanying manager (team leader)
C. A coach and a masseur, or in the absence, one or two managers
D. A social doctor
The persons admitted in the playing area must take their places on the bench assigned to each team and are obliged to constantly maintain correct behavior. The arbitrators exercise the disciplinary powers conferred upon them.
All persons admitted in the playing area, with the exception of reserve players, may enter the field only if authorized by the referees, even in the eventuality that
must assist or remove an injured player.
Article 7 - non-participation of the teams in the 9 / 64 competitions The teams that do not appear in the field at the scheduled time, and after the waiting time, determined in the equivalent of a time and a half race (18 minutes) will be sanctioned with the defeat at the table, even without the appeal of the opposing team, with the score of 0 - 10. The organization will guarantee, in collaboration with the AIA referees, the total respect of all the rules of the game.
The duration of the competition is established in three times by 12 minutes (non-effective time), each. The waiting time is determined in the measure of 18 minutes (1 time and means of play) will be attributes three points for the victory at the end of the three regulation times, 2 points for the victory after the extra time (expected only for semifinals and finals) of three effective minutes or penalty kicks, 0 points for the defeat at the end of the three regulation times and / or after extra time or penalty kicks. In case of a tie, at the end of the three regulation times, we will proceed directly with the execution of penalty kicks, according to the provisions of the 18 Rule of the Beach Soccer Rules - 2009 edition. In the semifinals and finals races (1 / 2 and 3 / 4 place), in case of a tie at the end of the regulation time, an extra time of 3 minutes will be played in case of further tie the penalty kicks will be performed, according to from the 18 Rule of Beach Soccer Rules - 2009 edition.
Article 8 - development of the Championship
The following is a diagram - type of conduct of the Championship with the participation of at least 8 / 12 teams; the teams participating in the Championship will be divided into 2 or 4 groups according to the number of teams registered. Each team will play at least 2 races within their group. They qualify for the final stages of the National Women's Championship, one or two teams for each group.
In case of a tie between two or more teams of the same group, the following criteria will be applied to determine the first and second classified:
a) Result of direct confrontation between the teams involved;
b) Best goal difference between the teams involved (worth the score determined at the end of regulation time)
c) More number of goals scored between the teams involved (the score is determined at the end of the regular time)
d) draw
The dates, the venue and the timetable for the final stages of the Women's Championship will be communicated with a specific Official Release forthcoming. The competition will be organized as follows:
______________ - ________________ (1 Race)
______________ - ________________ (2 Race)
Final 3 ° and 4 ° place - loser race 1 - loser race 2 (Race 3)
Final 1 ° and 2 ° place - winning race 1 - winning race 2 (Race 4)
Article 9 - discipline of sporting justice The discipline of sport justice of the tournament is entrusted to the sports judge of the Beach Soccer Department of the National Amateur League.
Article 10 - provision for reference for anything not expressly provided for in this regulation, the federal rules apply (Beach Soccer Regulations - 2009 edition website: in force at the date of the National Women's Championship Series A Beach Soccer tournaments.


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