Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Regulation statistics go ahead

Ninety minutes from the end of the regular Serie A championship mathematics he says that everything is still to be decided. The fight against the title sees Brescia a step away from the tricolor, with a more than remote possibility of finishing on equal terms with Fiorentina that is linked toimponderable defeat of the "Gnare" with the already relegated Riviera di Romagna. Then there should be the consequent victory of the Viola in Verona in the direct clash for the Champions League.

In line the situation is much more intricate. Riviera di Romagna and Sudtirol are already in Serie B, while Rome, San Bernardo Luserna (19 for both), Vittorio Veneto (18) and Bari (16) will give life to ninety minutes to heart-pounding.

But what if two or more teams arrive at equal points? To understand this there are two important issues to consider: the 51 article of the Federal Internal Organizational Regulations (NOIF) and the official 37 statement of the Women's Football Department issued last December 4th.

The rules for the formation of the classifications are clear and leave no doubt. If two teams reach the same points and the position is valid to assign the title of champion of Italy, or that for participation in a championship, is play-off. The rules for the playoff dispute are equally clear: you play in neutral field and in case of a tie the times are disputed first additional and then eventually i penalty shoot-out. There are no direct matches, scored goals and anything else.

On the contrary, the situation is different in case of arrival on equal points of three o more teams. In this case they would always be e only two to play in the playoffs with the criteria described a little while ago, but to establish the two with the title we would use the stand alone classification.

To compile it, the NON 51 article states that it will be necessary take into account of the points achieved in the direct matches and, on equal points, of the goal difference. If these two factors were not sufficient to establish a prevalence over another one would go on to take into account the difference in goals in the entire league and the largest number of goals scored in the entire league. Persisting still parity, the unknown factor of the draw.

Daniele Pompignoli

Twitter: @dpompignoli

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sanmarino serieb16
SAN MARINO - Winning with the jersey of the team of your city always gives special feelings and emotions. So the historic promotion in Serie B won by the Sammarinese Federation last Sunday at the end of a stellar ride has a magical flavor for Valeria Canini. The strong midfielder, Sammarinese doc, after the experiences in the higher category with Castelvecchio, San Zaccaria and Riviera di Romagna, in the summer he married the biancoazzurro project returning home and has made a fundamental contribution in this amazing triumph in the Serie C Regional Championship with 57 points obtained. The only direct competitor to the title that tried to keep up with the blue-white was Parma, knocked out in the direct clash two weeks ago with a dry 3 0 and separated in 6 standings: a decisive victory, a step key to the dream promotion, mathematically crowned on Sunday thanks to the blow away measured by bomber Fulvia Dulbecco in the den of the fearsome Olimpia Forlì, third in the class.



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