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The company of President Armando Taroni reluctantly announced that Mr. Antonio CINCOTTA will not be in charge of the first team for the next sport season. The coach is caressing a great project that will further gratify him in his professional career.
We thank all of you from the presidency to the athletes.
"A great coach, a great man Antonio: ambitious, professional, always looking for perfection inside and outside the green rectangle.
A year of work with his staff, which compliments the most 'felt, with the magnificent athletes who have crowned all with an unexpected but very welcome and deserved promotion in the highest category.He lived with him in perfect harmony to pursue a great result and the paternal relationship established has resulted in great esteem and mutual respect. Goodbye mister ... ": this is the comment of the general manager Silvano Cozza.

The words of the coach very excited: "To be chosen by the fcf como 2000 for the important mission to bring the club in Serie A has been an honor and a great professional gratification. In these months spent in the frost of Pontelambro, I think I grew up as a man and a coach.
During this season, I have invested my psycho-physical energies to take care of the tactical aspects but also the well-being of the team in the broad sense.
Everything to try to bring the club back to the elite of Italian women's football. Presidents Armando Taroni and Martino Brumana and to all the collaborators are my esteem and my affection as men and as professionals, above all Baldo Davide and Soave Carlo.
A special thanks to the general manager Silvano Cozza, a capable, attentive, positive and winning director with whom he built a perfect season in every detail. My biggest hug goes to the players, incredible fighters, serissimo.umili and prepared. I would like the girls to remember that every word of mine, every gesture of mine was done with the aim of making them grow, with the ultimate aim of winning a winning attitude in each of them. Seeing them rejoice in May was my most great joy. My collaborators, however, Antonio Rovida, Stefano Cincotta and Salvatore Dimaria, offer my most sincere congratulations as they have proven to be irreproachable professionals. I wish them well. "

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