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Mazzola and Gritti dominate the Azaleas.
Sun, blue sky and crowded stands: the ideal setting to play for the last game of the season. Different objectives for the two teams. The Como of Mr. Cincotta chasing the latest victory to grab the promotion, the Azalee of coach Prestifilippo in search of the 3 points to close a very positive championship at best. Chiara Ferrario against Giulia Ambrosetti, the challenge between two of the 'new proposals' of the Serie B. Challenge also felt by the two coaches, who start the guarding match and careful not to find out.
Gallaratesi lined up with a cautious 4-4-2 with rapid exteriors to counter the Como speed, while Mr. Cincotta opts for the classic 3-5-2, a form that has given so much satisfaction to his girls.

The game is very tense and you have to wait until 15 'to see the first opportunity from the net, on the feet of the guests: verticalization of Mazzola for Gritti and the number 9 lariano, face to face with the goalkeeper, is stretched without too many compliments Francesca Del Raso, central defender of Azalee. Do it by the last man, clear chance from the net and sacrosanct red card. Fusetti, the author of two goals in the last 3 matches, will be on the penalty spot, but the Gallarese goalkeeper Alessandra Moro, who is a favorite for the occasion at Cartelli, manages to block an overly central conclusion.

The penalty saved by a shock to the home team that, with a physical performance, can tighten the ranks and not go below in the score up to 29 ', when, on the verticalization of Ambrosetti, Mazzola manages to jump in speed the defense Orange and overcome with a right touch Moro, not very reactive in the exit.

0-1. Below a goal and outnumbered against the leaders. The feeling that a goleada would appear. Wrong feeling, as the girls of Dolores Prestifilippo did not give up and, thanks to an energetic performance, they managed not to give way, despite the network chances created on the ball inactive by the Como, closing the first half at a disadvantage of only one goal.

Second half that follows the script of the first, with the Como that shows superior, but fails to translate this superiority in networks, despite the tactical flexibility shown by Mr. Cincotta.

The Como insists and touches the net in a couple of occasions, with the goalkeeper always careful between the posts, but very fragile output, until the twelfth of the second half, when Lina Gritti takes advantage of an intervention out of time the Gallarese defense to ward off towards the door and put the ball on the far post, to the right of the goalkeeper. 0-2.
The Azaleas, this time, can not start again. Como grinds occasions, with Gritti on the shields, able to find the fund and the cross on a couple of occasions.
Match that seems on ice and Mr. Cincotta who opts for the changes. Outside Ambrosetti and Mazzola, decisive, to preserve their health, after having played both with the ailments that have compromised the preparation for the game. The changes, however, seem to take away mordant to Como, who once found the doubling, tried to maintain the advantage.
And XNXX ', when everything seemed ready for the party, it is Chiara Ferrario to put everything in discussion, very good at finding the way of the goal on a cross from the left. 89esima net, match reopened and thrills of fear in the stands. The final is an incessant stopwatch check for the fans and for the technical staff. 28 '. The triple whistle puts an end to a fight and gives the series A. Como.

The comment
Game addressed very early, due to the expulsion (very fair) against Francesca Del Raso, on the tracks of the Como victory. Appreciable emotional and tactical management of the Gallarese trainer, clever in not breaking down his initial line-up. The Azaleas have proven not to be very far from Como, but the superior technical rate of the guests has made the difference. Personally I was pleasantly impressed by the tactical management of Mr. Cincotta, always ready to vary the deployment of his players (4 modules seen in these 90 ') to try to better punish the opponents.

Undertone Ambrosetti, in the field not the best of the condition, was Lina Gritti to take the team on his shoulders, cleverly managing the offensive game of his. Excellent proof, among the Orange, by Gaia Barbini. The 2 Gallaratese number was always shown on the piece, aggressive and reactive. Try hard for the other star of the home team. Chiara Ferrario had to fight against a suffocating mark and a loneliness caused by numerical inferiority. Nevertheless it proved worthy of the title of top scorer, being able to give the decisive paw at the first shot.

The Best: Lina Gritti. Try Capital. A thorn in the constant flank for the Gallarese defense, good in talking with the comrades as boas, excellent in speeding over the rear guard of the landlord. Ferret.

Francesco Inverso

Walter Pettinati
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