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PORDENONE - EDP JESINA 2-4: The Jesina is in series A.
Today the news will be different because today is the day of numbers. The math victory of a championship started the 16 August with the first training preparation, but the championship is not finished yet. For the end we would like to have you all: Sunday 22 May 2016 at the Cardinaletti stadium at 15,30 last day EDP JESINA vs TRENTO CLARENTIA. We would really like you to share something that has that magical flavor of the incredible. That taste again mixed with history, that taste of the toast that the girls of Mr. Giugliano have done on the field of Pordenone and are continuing to do on the bus back from this unforgettable trip. There are no sparkling glasses that politely touch each other, rather than toast by great gala, here is a real bath of emotions, cries, screams, warmth, joy, smiles and group hugs. Here, where beer has that taste of a common goal, of victories, of mistakes committed and corrected during construction, of sacrifice, of passion, of perspiration, of the blade of grass of the Pantiere field and of the dust of the Paolinelli field, of love for a sport that every day has given us an emotion that we could not even imagine having.

And you hear it from Monday, which will be one of those games that write the story. Those that can take you to the roof of the world and then on the bus trip from the restaurant to the field do not fly a fly. Silence. Concentration. Chickens has crashed, sleeps like a little angel with that crazy head resting on his shoulder. Music in the ears. Chills to the skin. Sigh here and there. The good luck that come to warm your heart, those who wait until the end and those who come to remind you that in the field descend Xoncum leoncelle, but who will win is a group of people. People of those special. Cap Scarponi makes the last pampering in Pustola. Go down. Marti opens the door of the bags and is open to the locker rooms. Glances. Looks of fear. In the eyes there is that wonderful fear of not making it, and now we can finally say, instead of having made it!
And since it's the day of numbers ...
49 points 16 wins 1 draw 4 defeats are the data that are worth the ticket for the series A.
2 as the minute that opened the scoring with Michela Catena, even today protagonist of a game of heartache because first at 41 'with Piazza and then at 50' Pordenone tries to stop the race of these super leoncelle.
But we are the Jesina. We are LA Jesina. We are a team and we came up in Friuli Venezia Giulia to go home with three points. And then we struggle, we believe, we suffer, we fall and we get up again. Minute 76 Chain again, it blows everyone on their feet, but the draw is not enough. We want more. 91 'Costantini, entered the second half, is landed. We are in the area. Penalty. Chickens on the disk. "Mister .. if you score, can we enter the pitch?" The mister: "Yes, but he warns you all .." Ah mister macché I care about the admonition! Goal. Invasion. So is it celebrated ?! Not yet. It's the 93 'Catena this week is clear he did a course of salsa and merenghe and wants to put it immediately into practice: discard all, go to the stands to make wishes to the father, back discarded the line of door and now yes, 2 to 4, it is celebrated.
18 as the years that the company makes this season; maturity that has made itself felt: Jesina declares itself ready and big enough to face what will be its first championship in the top flight.
16 as the goals conceded and then give the title of best defense.
59 as the goals scored that decree the best attack, of which 21 on 17 games played bear the signature of the bomber Elisa Polli, top scorer of Group B of series B.
1 as the spell of all the first times as well as for many of us the first victory of a series B championship, apart from Breccia LA veterana succeeded in the undertaking well twice with two other sweaters.

22,5 the average age of a wonderful group
11 like the leoncelle that take the field, but to win are 24 players, each fantastic: Alunno Ilaria, Barchiesi Irene, Battistoni Elisa, Becci Veronica, Breccia Chiara, Cantori Katia, Michela Chain, Costantini Nausica, De Sanctis Aurora, Ferretto Anna, Fiorella Miriam, Fontana Tamara, Noemy Factory, Guidi Emma, ​​Lucarini Ilaria, Mari Giulia, Moscow Emily, Monterubbiano Valeria, Picchiò Giulia, Scarponi Silvia, Pope Marta, Piergallini Alessandra, Polli Elisa, Vagnini Martina.

Girls who made the dream become reality together with: Coach Giugliano Domenico, Athletic trainer Bruschi Lorenzo, Trainee trainer Masciambruni Francesco, President Coltorti Massimo, Vice President Papa Sergio, Team manager Romano Luigi (Gino), Cossu Alessandro General Manager , Secretary Casavecchia Laura, Massaggiatore Picchiò Moreno, Staff doctor Balducci Roberto, Responsible for MMag communication by Matteo Magnarelli with Simone Zezza and Alessio Ritucci.

And finally 467 as the "Like" from which we started .. today we are 1262. Thank you. The numbers fascinate us, but much more a smile of a companion, so sorry, but back to celebrate. We'll talk to you next Sunday .. Meanwhile, thank you for following us, for having loved us, for believing in Us.

We feel for the final grAn .. We are waiting for the Cardinaletti Sunday 22 May 15.30 hours!
Come on leoncelle!

Press office, Emily Moscow

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