Thursday, January 12th
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Spring news

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VR Mozz prim 3national spring championship


networks: Borges at 13 'and 26' and Baldi at 18 '.

Agsm Verona: FORCINELLA, CAVALCA, MERO (from 1 'ST DAL MOLIN), AMBROSI (cap.), PAVANA, MENEGHINI, ZANGARI (from 43' STETTETTARDI), SOFFIA, ZORZI (from 22 'ST OSETTA), NICHELE, PASINI. All. Fabiana Comin. Available: Fenzi, Fasoli, Salvaro and Dal Barco.

Mozzanica: CAPELLETTI, TABORDA (from 42 'pt GIUSSO), MARCHESI, TASSI, MACCHI (from 1' st REDOLFI), VISCARDI (cap.), BORGES, FUSAR POLI (from 18 'st MARTELLA), BALDI (from 33' st VALESI) , GIUGLIANO (from 5 'ST PELLEGRINELLI), EDOCI. All. Nicoletta Mazza.

Referee: Michele del Rio of Reggio Emilia.

Ammonite: Macchi (M) and Redolfi (M).

Note: Warm sunny day, synthetic grass field. Present about 100 spectators. 1 '+ 3' recovery.

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resroma prim raga16A few hours away from the beautiful victory on the field of Castelfranco, the Res Rome Move Up is ready to face away the Naples, in the match valid for the first leg of the spring league Scudetto. The Giallorossi of Mr. Melillo have reached the prestigious milestone, which is also worth access to the next Arco di Trento tournament, after winning the Lazio championship with full marks and after beating Jesina and Castelfranco in the triangular valid for the quarterfinals; the Neapolitans, instead, after having won the Campania round, have eliminated Pink Bari on penalties.

The challenge between the two teams is the remake of the double match a year ago that saw the Giallorossi win both in Naples and in the walls of "R.Vianello".

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Networks: Fusar Poli (M) to 11 ', Pellegrinelli (M) to 15', 39 'and 40', Giugliano (M) to 20 ', pt; Borges (M) at 6 ', Giusso (M) at 13', Valesi (M) at 28 'and at 49' and Pellegrinelli at 43 'st

Mozzanica: GIROLETTI, TABORDA (from 1 'st GIUSSO), MARCHESI, TASSI (from 10' st EDOCI), REDOLFI, VISCARDI (cap.), BORGES (from 13 'st MARCHI), FUSAR POLI (from 7' st MARTELLA) , PELLEGRINELLI, GIUGLIANO (from 1 'ST MANDELLI), VALESI. All. Nicoletta Mazza.

Am. Lagaccio: AVANZA, FRANCESCHI (from 33 'st SALVO), DEL VERME (from 15' ST ACCARDO), MOSCOW, GANDINI, LICCO, ALOI, BRUCCI, MONTEMURRO (from 21 'ST LIVRONE), MOONEY, FOSSA (from 17 'st GAETA). All. Antonino Naples.

Referee: Federico Modesto of Treviso; assistants: Deni di Lodi and Marra di Milano.

Ammonita: Mooney (AL).

Notes: Strong gusts of wind throughout the race. Playground in good condition. Recovery: 2 '+ 6'.

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verona 616 team
For the girls of the spring of Agsm Verona there is no time to celebrate the qualification for the semifinal for the tricolor category title. Less than 48 hours from the victory for three goals to one achieved on Thursday against Tavagnacco, the Veronese return to the field on the synthetic friend of via Sogare.
This Saturday starting at 15,30 will be in fact the Bergamo of Mozzanica the opponents of the Gialloblù in the first leg of the semi-final. The return match is scheduled for Saturday 25 June, while the eventual event is scheduled for Tuesday 28 June on the neutral of Florence.
In the other semi-final they face the Res Roma (Campione d'Italia primavera in charge) and Napoli.



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