Monday, September 16 2019
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Spring news

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mozzanica dreamers16

The mozzanica starts strong and goes ahead with Baldi at the 7 'minute. From here to the 25 'only a few occasions wasted by the Mozzanica, which however manages to score again with Edoci at the 27'. No excitement until the end of the first half when Borges and Edoci bring the result on the 4-0 to the 42 'and 44'.

The recovery is on the script of the first part of the race, in fact immediately in the first 10 minutes the Mozzanica manages to consolidate again the advantage with two goals respectively of Valesi and Borges. 10 minutes still pass and Giusso's 7-0 arrives on personal action. At 30 'there is the possibility for the Dreamers to sign the flag with a penalty that hits the post.

The race ends with a new network by Mozzanica at the end of the race with Pellegrinelli for the definitive 8-0

The photos of the race:

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vittorio internaz prima16

Tuesday 29 March at 16: 00 at the Marco Polo Sporting Center, in front of the Tosette of Mr. De Biasi there will be the Americas dell'Estertern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer.
A friendly international luxury that catapult the rossoblu team in close contact with another reality.
The team overseas is nothing but a selection of the best players, among all the teams of Eastern Pennsylvania, thanks to the ODP project.

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spring naples0216Napoli Primavera wins the recovery match at the home of Virtus Partenope with the roaring result of 8 at 1.
Archived the Arco tournament of Trento the "tartarughine" can resume their journey in Spring and Under 17 and begin to great recovery in the C series in the home of Virtus where they spread with the result of 8 to 1.
Race without history with Lanzetta and Lombardi on the shields for the two doubles made. Now the biancazzurre, already qualified for the Primavera national finals, will have to play the Under 17 Cup final and then try to recover in the Under 17 championship where the concurrence with the Arco di Trento tournament and the use of Alessia Parnolfi, the only goalkeeper at the age ', for these categories has prevented to play on par in the first two rounds of the championship.

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vittorio veneto primavera316
Do not stop the triumphal march of the Tosette in this extraordinary season. Another important victory, the umpteenth in the championship to certify the quality of the work group of Mister De Biasi. Only one defeat in the season (the first leg in that of Tavagnacco), for the rest only wins and performances of great depth, like that of today in the derby of Belluno.
Amarcord in the field, with the presence of the former captain of spring rossoblu, Valentina Forlin, in the Belluno line, while with the shirt of Vittorio Veneto the new captain, Belluno, Gaia Sovilla. Several personal fans came to the camp for her, to support her and admire her on a field close to home.
The strength and compactness of De Biasi's group gives important signals even today.



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