Thursday, January 12th
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Spring news

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napoli carpisa springAnother coat of spring that drinks the success of the UNDER 17 of the day before with the same score of 6 to 1 and race without history. Among the happy notes the return of Rossella Cuomo after a long muscle injury. The Carpisa striker "wets" with a double and refines the weapons in view of the national finals of the category, where he can give a considerable contribution to the formation of Catalano.


NAPOLI CFM: Cioce, Maddaloni (from 46'Cice), Pezzella, Costagliola, Criscuolo (from 70 'Chiaromonte), Grazioso, Esposito R. (from 46' Catalano), Marotta C., Cuomo (from 46 'Capezzuto), Albrizio , Lombardi (from the 60 'Marotta Daria).

NETWORKS: Cuomo (2) - Grazioso (2) - Criscuolo - Lombardi

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napoli under17cc1516
Another victory for Barbara Nardi's under 17 who passes clearly on the field of Atperiico Pomperi. Two doubles by Vecchione and Marotta Claudia and a goal by Lombardi and Catalano set the result.
Race without stories with the Carpisa that sharpens the weapons waiting for the final Cup category.

NAPOLI CFM: Parnolfi, Criscuolo, Papillo, Sanges (from 55 'Cice), Iorio, Sieno (from 48' Esposito Flavia), Marotta Claudia, Esposito Roberta (from 77'Catalano), Vecchione, Lombardi, Marotta Daria (from 73 ' Perez) .All. Barbara Nardi

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azaleas mozzanica 12414
After only 2 'the Mozzanica takes the lead with Pellegrinelli on a corner. At the 9 'Pellegrinelli is still repeating and doubles on punishment. Immediate reaction of the Azaleas that shorten the distances with a free kick, then up to the interval will be a race without emotion.
In the second half the Azaleas find the draw at the 58 'taking advantage of the inattention of the Mozzanica that struggles a lot but then finds the goal of the new advantage with the personal hat-trick of Pellegrinelli at 75'. At minute 80 the visiting team consolidates the advantage with Mandelli's 4 definitive 2 network. From here until the end of the race there will be no further emotions or plot twists.

The photos of the race:

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napoli under17cc1516Goleada of the NNXX of Barbara Nardi opposed to the Ester Center. The "tartarughine" deploy in the field some girls in pink also of the first team, stopped in the pits for several weeks for the prolonged and absurd stop. And despite the careful rotation, these make the difference. It should be said that the prolonged lap and the desire not to score more than necessary should not be enough, nine goals are still many. After all it is not the fault of Napoli Carpisa Yamamay to have the youngest Italian team among those taking part in the Serie A and B championships. Sign who has invested and worked hard with the youth sector. After all the same women who have won so much today, are the same as in the men's championships in previous years, they lost with identical scores.



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