Thursday, January 12th
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Spring news

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napoli carpisa spring
Clear victory for the Primavera of Nino Catalano that sharpens the weapons in view of the national finals of the category with an 7 to 1 net to Salernitana. Without history the match with a Rossella Cuomo that continues its recovery in view of the final rush.

NAPLES CFM: Kasalayete, Maddaloni (from 46 'Esposito Flavia), Pezzella, Costagliola, Criscuolo, Grazioso, Esposito R., Lombardi, Cuomo (from 59' Sieno), Moraca, Albrizio (from 70 'Nappi).

NETWORKS: 2 '- 79' - Moraca - 17 'Esposito R. - 36' Cuomo - 53 'Albrizio - 66' Lombardi - 82 'Sieno

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mozzanica interb16
Rainy day at the Municipal Theater in Via A. Moro, where the Mozzanica and Inter B formations meet for the last day of the championship. Fought game that sees the Mozzanica close the tournament with a win for 2 to 1.

The Mozzanica immediately starts strong by unblocking the result. At the 2 'Anghileri from the left wing cut the field on the opposite side where Zanetti flies towards the opponent's goal and, alone in front of the goalkeeper, does not miss the conclusion on the far post of the extreme defender host. Inter reacts immediately and begins to weave good game plots moving the center of gravity more and more towards the home team's door. At the 7 'the draw; lost ball in restart from Bergamo, Inter took advantage of it and with three passes of the first goes to the winning conclusion with Di Bella served by the band.

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mozzanica brescia prim416
On the stands of the stadium the tension is high and a special choreography is created especially for the girls of Mozzanica who start immediately with the right foot scoring the first goal al9 'with Edoci that entering from the midfield on assists Pellegrinelli is alone in front of the goalkeeper of Brescia and bags for 1 to 0. The Brescia accuses the blow and the girls of the Mozzanica take advantage of it pouring into the opposing camp and the 11 'on the corner the goalkeeper of the Brescia let slip the ball from the hands and Borges takes advantage by comfortably supporting the 2 ball on the net at 0 . The Brescia tries a timid reaction kicking out of the limit, but it is still the Mozzanica to become dangerous on a free-kick from 40 meters of Fusarpoli that is printed on the 14 'crossing. At the 16 'launch of Viscardi for Pqllegrinelli that marks the 3 to 0 with a lob and the 20' Fusarpoli frees in area and left the corner at the intersection of the 4 to 0. The Brescia is not there and becomes dangerous first with a shot that takes the post al35 'and then with a shot that ends at the side al38'. Until the interval it will be a race without emotions. In the second half Brescia try to react but it is the Mozzanica that marks other 2 goals with Pellegrinelli at 50 'and 53'.

Pellegrinelli 3, Borges Edoci and Fusarpoli 1 goal each.

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victor spring against tava
A match that was worth a full year of work, sweat and sacrifice. Yesterday afternoon, in the exceptional setting of a Barison Stadium colored by a very lively and present typhus, the championship recovery was staged that saw the Tosette host the Tavagnacco leaders in a match without appeal. A day from the end of the season, with the Friulane still unbeaten and ahead of 6 lengths (but with a match in more disputed) in the standings, for the Permac the only useful result available to continue to dream big was a victory.
In a typical spring afternoon and on a field in excellent condition, after a first phase of study on both fronts, the rossoblu are the first to sting forward, thanks also to the contribution of some elements permanently in the First Team staff. Like Sara Mella, who at the 12 ', after a triangle with Tonon concludes a left just above the cross Friulian.



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