Monday, August 19 2019
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Spring news

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Reggiana Primavera15
The training sessions of the Reggiana Barcom Femminile continue at the city center of via Puccini. However, this week the Serie B championship remains firm to meet the commitment of the National coached by Antonio Cabrini and that takes the field in Cesena today at 14.30 against Switzerland in the second commitment to qualifying for the Europeans in view of Holland 2017. The first grenade team coached by Federico d'Astolfo still has a week to prepare for the trip to Acqui Terme against the newly promoted Accademia, also winning on the day of debut on the field of the Musiello for 1-0.

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alexandria u19 1015
Arrest for the Alessandria Calcio Women's Football after three consecutive victories, in fact in the Alessandria area the Cuneo Calcio Femminile has interrupted the positive series with the dry result of 0 at 4.
The Alessandria Femminile plays part of the first half with more conviction and creating good opportunities but they are not materialized, for example close to the 12 'network on Porcella's free kick rejected by Olivetti with Cossu intervening head, but the goalkeeper Olivetti save on the line.
The host team has deployed departments compact and in harmony with each other thus ensuring good phrases and excellent play. During the first half the Biancorosse were scored with: Inaudi (18 'pt), Genovese (25' pt), Colombero (35 'pt) and finally on penalty with the goalkeeper Olivetti (37' pt) that was so also revealed excellent rigorist with an impregnable shot.
Upon returning to the field, the second half begins with a Women's Cuneo which, not satisfied with the result already obtained, continues to attack and try to increase the result. The substitutions made by Mr. Barbesino and the change of tactical form give a little 'breath to the home team and the defensive department is able to counter all the attacks of Cuneesi avoiding an even heavier passive.

Spring Championship

Final result: 0 - 4

Markers: Inaudi, Genovese, Colombero, Olivetti (penalty)

ACF Alessandria: Placanica (1 'St Giribaldi), Iberti, Rolandi Butteri (1' St Giorgianni), Loi, (42 'St Parente) Porcella, Taglietti (41' St Zaid), Luciano, Zanarotto (45 'St De Vecchi) , Gavarino, Zecchino, Cossu - All. Barbesino

Cuneo Women's Football: Olivetti, Bertone, Papagna, Giraudo, Gallè, Ferro, Gallinari, Racca, Inaudi, Colombero, Genovese. Available Viola, Bongiovanni, Ferrero, Finocchiaro, Pelosi, Giuliano, Paciocco - All Giraudo

Simona Borelli

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grifo primavera15
Flamboyant debut for the spring training of Ezio Rosi. At Collestrada one-way game: 8-0.

Championship start with a smile for Ezio Rosi's Grifo Primavera. The young griffins have beaten, between the friendly walls (sports center of Collestrada) and with a bombastic 8-0, the same age as Vigor Rignano. A one-way race since the start, since the Grifo after just over twenty minutes was already in front of three goals, thanks to Piselli (double) and Timo Rangana. Result that became even more rounded in the final fraction, thanks to Fortunati's goal (4-0). In the second half the score remained the same: biancorosse always forward looking for the signature and Vigor Rignano forced to suffer. Tuteri (1 ') signed the pokerissimo, then again Fortunati and a double by Pellegrino did the rest (8-0). Only in the final was the formation of Tuscany, but the "flag point" did not arrive. At the final whistle, the satisfaction in the red and white environment is evident. "I congratulate the girls - he is keen to point out the coach Ezio Rosi - for the victory and the performance.It was important to start the championship well and we did it now, let's not get upset and think about the next trip against Bagno a Ripoli ".

GRIFO PERUGIA: Cerasa, Alessi, Accettoni (15'st Ricci), Parlagreco, Rosmini, Ciampelli (39 'pt Petasecca), Peas (12' st Turco), Fortunati, Franciosa (5 'st Pellegrino), Thyme, Tuteri (22 'st Rinaldi). Available Violet. All .: Rosi.
VIGOR RIGNANO: Braschi, Cape, Vignini, Di Cenzi, Tagliaferri, Piccioli, Chiellini, Rigoli, Fanelli (18 'st Binati), Grigoras (1'st Benamor), Tinti (39' st Bocci). Available: Palmieri, Mineo. All .: Barucci.
MARKERS: 15 'pt and 22' pt Peas, 20'pt Timo, 44 'pt, 17' st Fortunati, 1'st Tuteri, 30 'st and 41' st Pellegrino.

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Beautiful game with lots of emotions. At 2 'of the first half a free kick from the edge kicked by Captain Zecchino hits the crossbar. At the 5 'always Captain Zecchino brings Alexandria on the advantage of 1 / 0. At the 21 ', following a foul on Luciano, Zanarotto shoots a free-kick that will result from the net of a few millimeters. Zecchino double at the 23 '; the captain tries again at 34 'wrong by blowing the opponent's door. Zecchino succeeds in his intent: in fact at 39 'he signs his hat-trick. During the first half the Musiello Saluzzo has made some good plays in the direction of the Alessandria Calcio Femminile, without being able to materialize.
The team of Musiello Saluzzo faces the second half with determination and desire to comeback: there are numerous games that hold the Alessandria Calcio Femminile in their own half.



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