Thursday, January 12th
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resroma u19 victory
With a goal in time by Miriam Picchi and Claudia Palombi, interspersed with the momentary and useless draw of Borges, the Res Roma Move Up beats
2-1 the Mozzanica and is confirmed as a champion of Italy, winning the second consecutive championship and rightfully entering the history of Italian women's football.

Clear the supremacy of the Giallorossi that in addition to the two goals scored, have touched the goal in many occasions, hitting two posts and forcing the goalkeeper of the Mozzanica to at least four major interventions. To this must be added several refereeing decisions against, and two clear scoring goals not materialized by the Giallorossi strikers.

Mister Melillo once again proves to be a true strategist of the green lawn, and sends in the field from the first minute an unprecedented 4-1-3-2, with Giulia Franco in goal, Spagnoli, Sclavo, Cela and Simeone in defense, Peaks behind the three fantasists Greggi, Caruso and Simonetti, with Captain Palombi and Labate in attack.

The match is immediately a Giallorossi monologue with the Res Rome that closes in defense the Mozzanica and close to the fifth goal with Labate from a narrow position near the crossbar; the tenth is Greggi to send the ball high from the distance, while at the quarter of an hour is Palombi to worry Cappelletti.
At the twenty-first goal that unlocks the match with the ubiquitous Picchi, good and lucky to be ready after a short rejected by Cappelletti on a nice shot by Simonetti. The advantage further galvanizes the capitals that touch the double on two occasions with Palombi: in the twenty-three minutes the Giallorossi captain wastes badly in front of the opposing goal, two minutes later Cappelletti to deny the joy of the goal with a great intervention that sends the ball into korner .
Between the thirtieth and the thirty-fifth minute double head injury for Picchi first and then Labate, with the Capitoline midfielder who will be forced to continue the match with a striking bandage to the head.
The Mozzanica immediately took advantage of the only stride of the Res and equalized the accounts at the fortieth equalized with Borges, very good at overcoming three Giallorossi and depositing the ball on the net.
In the final minutes is still Res Roma to touch the goal: per minute 42 Simonetti hits the post, a minute later Cappelletti rejects a shot from distance, while in full recovery is still the Lombard defender to snatch the applause of the public with a double intervention first on Labate and then on Simonetti.

The recovery is on the same false line of the first half, with the Italian champions who give show and give the Lombardy only some sporadic restart: ready and immediately Palombi to touch the doubling with a great shot that forces Cappelletti to a difficult and nice parade in korner.
The Mozzanica has a jump in the tenth minute with Giuliano touching the post with a nice diagonal and a minute later with Borges on which Franco makes a nice speech.
At the fifteenth Picchi hits the second wood of the match; Res attacks, shows and actions follow one another but Cappelletti proves himself in a day of grace and says no to the conclusions of Caruso, Simonetti, Palombi and Labate.
The number one of the Mozzanica kicks only the twenty-ninth, in front of the umpteenth goal of Palombi, captain and bomber of the Giallorossi, who signs the Scudetto goal, 381 days after turning the decisive penalty in the final championship of last season.
The final of the race is still the girls of Mr. Melillo who do not score other goals but that at the triple whistle can celebrate the second historic tricolor.

A well-deserved victory, a champagne but also a workman's football, with stars ready to shine and ubiquitous kickers and always ready to close every opening, and with girls who make their mates out of the bench like real ultras: the victory of a mister strategist and motivator, a cohesive group and a staff that has worked since early August to achieve two goals that seemed impossible (salvation with the first team and second Scudetto Primavera), but which have become real thanks to the passion, talent, the grit and self-denial that every member of the team has put from the first to the last day of this exciting season.

Obviously the Roman coach Fabio Melillo is radiant: "The girls pursued this milestone with tenacity and deserved this victory:
winning two consecutive badges is something fantastic. I want to thank the staff who help me with dedication, our fans are always extraordinary and we dedicate this shield to Mr. Piras that this year could not stay with us for health reasons ... know that this scudetto is yours! "

Networks: 21'pt Spike (R), 40'pt Borges (M), 29'st Palombi (R)
Mozzanica: Cappelletti, Taborda (from 36'st Giusso), Marchesi, Tassi, Marchi, Viscardi, Borges, Fusar Poli (from 32'st Martella), Baldi (from 23'st Pellegrinelli), Giuiano, Edoci; at disp. Resmini, Redolfi, Mandelli, Valesi; All. Mazza Res Rome: Franco, Spagnoli, Sclavo, Simeone, Cela (from 24'st Liberati), Picchi (from 44'st Natali), Caruso, Simonetti, Labate, Palombi, Greggi; at disp. Chahid, Chiappa, Lapenna, Pagano, Di Gianmarino; All. Melillo
Referee: Borriello di Arezzo
Notes: Viscardi ammonite (M), 3-4 corners, 6'pt recovery and 3'st.
400 viewers around.

Press Office Res Roma Move UP

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