Friday, January 24 2020
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Epic race for the baby Gialloblù dell'Agsm Verona that reassemble the Mozzanica touching the qualification for the final championship. From the 2-0 for the Lombards, the Veronese pass on the 2-4 one step away from the qualification before the final 3-4.

The spring teams of Mozzanica and Agsm Verona face each other on a hot afternoon, with 36 degrees of temperature on the pitch, in Bergamo. Up for grabs the landing to the final for the attribution of the youth shield. Hopes reduced to light for the Verona after the 0-3 suffered the first leg.
One on each side the changes in the eleven holders: Verona with Dal Molin from the first minute instead of Mero, Mozzanica that lines Martella in attack on the place of Edoci, confirming the national Giugliano with the number ten shirt.

The first opportunity is on the feet of Borges who jumps two Veronese and ends with a ball deflected in the corner by a defender Scaliger.
On the developments of a free kick in favor of the Veronese, it is the Mozzanica to go on the counterattack with Baldi and Giugliano who fail to finalize. Immediately after dangerous Verona with Zangari who kicks to the side from a favorable position.
The suffocating heat conditions the twenty-two in the field, so that the race director gives some time-outs to allow the two teams to quench their thirst.
Lombarde in the lead at 35 °: On the development of a football placed ball not held by Forcinella that rejects on Giuliano but nothing can on Martella's rebound that bagged with the door unguarded.
The Verona Agsm fails a good opportunity with Pasini who can not control face to face with the number one Lombard. On the developments of the corner kick Zangari incarnates calling Cappelletti to the intervention.
The recovery opens with the scaligere forward but the Mozzanica passes to the first restart with the couple Pellegrinelli - Borges that puts havoc in the Scala area. Pellegrinelli calls to the miracle Forcinella that rejects with his feet, the same Pellegrinelli resumes that crosses in the middle for the very free Borges which meshes a network from two steps.
Dal Molin is landed in the area and from eleven meters the Veronese shorten the distances with Angelica Soffia that places the sphere where Cappelletti can not reach.
Spend only three minutes and the Gialloblù dell'Agsm Verona come to a draw: the corner kicked in the middle by Valeria Dal Molin for the perfect framed Veronica Pasini placed on the far post.
The Lombards fail a couple of good opportunities and are punished by Verona, which takes the lead at 15 °: Soffia works a nice ball in the area and gives it to the new entry that Osetta not wrong reopening the outcome of the qualification.
The Bergamo could close match and qualify with Borges who also skips the goalkeeper but deposited the ball to the network too weakly favoring the prodigious recovery of Cavalca.
Veronica Pasini, who puts the 2 ball in 4 on the fly, decided to reopen the qualifying speech decisively. Missing only a network to Gialloblù to get an unexpected qualification to the final.
Nichele goes away on the right and puts in the middle a low ball intercepted by Cappelletti with very free Osetta.
At the 28 'Pellegrinelli brings peace at home Mozzanica going to bully the 3 ball to 4. Sphere that catches the pole and carambola at the back of the net.
The Veronese do not give up and are still dangerous with the long-distance conclusion of Valeria Dal Molin who calls Cappelletti to the difficult intervention.
Soffia also tries to head without framing the door, and soon attempts the turn from inside the area but Cappelletti para.
Teams exhausted in the five minutes of recovery but the twenty-two in the field will not be spared until the end.
At the triple whistle wins the Agsm Verona 3-4 but to rejoice are the Lombards that by virtue of the result achieved in the first leg arrive at the final championship where they will face the Res Roma.
A big, huge applause, however, should be paid to the girls of the ASM Verona who have touched an epic undertaking going to put in difficulty a solid and more experienced Mozzanica.

Networks: Pt. 35 'Martella, st. 4 'Borges, 6' Puffs (rig.), 9 'Pasini, 15' Osetta, 25 'Pasini, 28' st. Pellegrinelli
Mozzanica: Cappelletti, Taborda (5 'St. Giusso), Marchesi, Tassi (1' St. Pellegrinelli), Redolfi, Viscardi, Borges, Fusar Poli, Baldi, Giugliano, Martella (30 'St. Valesis).
Available: Giroletti, Macchi, Piana, Pellegrinelli, Valesi, Mandelli, Giusso.
Coach: Nicoletta Mazza.
Agsm Verona: Forcinella, Cavalca, Ambrosi, Nichele, Pavana (11 'St. Mero), Meneghini (42' St. Mizzon), Zangari (1 'St. Osetta), Soffia, Zorzi, Dal Molin, Pasini.
Available: Fenzi, Mizzon, Bettinardi, Salvaro, Osetta, Mero, Fasoli.
Coach: Fabiana Comin.
Referee: Eugenio Scarpa from Collegno.
Assistants: Matteo Di Palma di Seregno and Andrea Corvino of Milan.
Notes: Hot day, land in perfect condition. Ammonite Tassi, Nichele, Giugliano. Spectators about 300. 2 + 5 recovery.
Mozzanica (Bg).

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ASD Agsm Verona CF

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