Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Networks: Fusar Poli (M) to 11 ', Pellegrinelli (M) to 15', 39 'and 40', Giugliano (M) to 20 ', pt; Borges (M) at 6 ', Giusso (M) at 13', Valesi (M) at 28 'and at 49' and Pellegrinelli at 43 'st

Mozzanica: GIROLETTI, TABORDA (from 1 'st GIUSSO), MARCHESI, TASSI (from 10' st EDOCI), REDOLFI, VISCARDI (cap.), BORGES (from 13 'st MARCHI), FUSAR POLI (from 7' st MARTELLA) , PELLEGRINELLI, GIUGLIANO (from 1 'ST MANDELLI), VALESI. All. Nicoletta Mazza.

Am. Lagaccio: AVANZA, FRANCESCHI (from 33 'st SALVO), DEL VERME (from 15' ST ACCARDO), MOSCOW, GANDINI, LICCO, ALOI, BRUCCI, MONTEMURRO (from 21 'ST LIVRONE), MOONEY, FOSSA (from 17 'st GAETA). All. Antonino Naples.

Referee: Federico Modesto of Treviso; assistants: Deni di Lodi and Marra di Milano.

Ammonita: Mooney (AL).

Notes: Strong gusts of wind throughout the race. Playground in good condition. Recovery: 2 '+ 6'.

The small Mozzanica home beat the Ligurians and take the pass for the second round of the national stage. Excellent evidence from Capitan Viscardi and companions that liquidate the practice Friendship Lagaccio without too many difficulties. Priva di Baldi, but with Giugliano available to Mister Niki Mazza, the biancocelesti make it clear that there will be no game. Already at the third Taborda goes very close to the net, but the n. 1 host Advances to repel and shortly after the extreme Ligurian you must repeat on Giugliano and Borges with two excellent diving interventions. The network arrives at 11 ': Giugliano is the precise brushstroke for Fusar Poli who thanks and from two steps he puts Avanza on the other pole. The doubling comes four minutes later and is the work of Pellegrinelli that goes to the network shooting the precise shot from the flag of Giugliano. Nuvola Rossa can not miss on the scoreboard and her personal signature arrives at the 20 'after having walked around the entire host defense, before the delightful touch of the outside on the far post. Four first later Valesi on a free-kick pluck the crossbar in full, imitated at 33 'by Taborda. At 39 'the games are closed: escape on the band of Borges and low shot in the middle for Pellegrinelli who can not go wrong. A single turn of hands after is sufficient to n. 9 biancoceleste to sign the personal triplet with a beautiful spoon to Totti from the edge of the host area.

In the second half the clarense technician gave the go-ahead for the substitution of substitutions, but despite an understandable drop in intensity, nothing changes in the score. At the sixth the landlords return to the goal, the assist is of the new entrance Mandelli and the marking of Borges that almost makes a penalty in motion. Giusso at 13 'takes the ball on the right, he does everything by himself and from a tight position he still finds the opening to put the unfortunate n. 1 host. The Bergamo continue to create opportunities from the net and the 27 'is unfortunate Valesi who is seen repel from the crossbar his left from outside the area, but it is the same no. 11 biancoceleste to find the way of the net a minute later with a low shot from the edge. At half an hour Giroletti is hit on the head by an opponent in a contrast and is forced out of the field. Mister Mazza has exhausted the changes and then goes to goal Edoci, however, debuts landing a minute after the n. 10 Mooney guest in full area. The penalty is beaten and realized by Mooney herself. At 35 'Viscardi is to commit a little' ingenuously foul within the sixteen meters on n. Ligurian 10. Mr. Modesto of Treviso has no doubts and still decrees the penalty that is still realized by the advanced guest director. Even with a man less the landlords are not there to suffer the return of the Ligurians and Pellegrinelli immediately re-establishes the distance, going to recover the ball kicked by Marchi and rejected by the cross and signing the personal poker. In full recovery a Pellegrinelli mai doma goes to the cross, Valesi climbs into the sky and incorporates the definitive 10-2 in the opponent's net. Continue the national adventure for the biancocelesti that will have to see it over the weekend with Verona. The winner of the double comparison will gain access to the semi-finals.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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