Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Alessandria - San Bernardo Luserna

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Final result: 0 - 1

Last day of the championship and "fluid" situation at the top of the Primavera Championship standings: 3 teams in 4 points (Juventus 35, Luserna 32 and Cuneo 31).
The Luserna on the field of the Casermette, gains 3 points and manages to hook Juventus on the podium of 35 points, with a greater loot as regards the goal difference.
The girls of Mister Barbesino managed well the first half, the defensive department worked with precision and grit, in fact the teams went in the locker room on the result of 0 / 0.
At the 2 'of the second half Giribaldi intervenes in diving away the ball from the door, Scarpelli well positioned and free, takes advantage and marks the net of the advantage. The ACF continues to believe in it and despite some raids by the Luserna strikers the score is not released. In the last 10 minutes of the game Luserna is crushed in his own half of the field and the ACF tries repeatedly, without being able to materialize.

At the 2 'of the first half Favole shoots a powerful central punishment that Giribaldi grabs.
At the 3 'Zanarotto takes a ball from the flag that ends on the side.
At the 14 'the Race Director admonishes Luison.
At 15 'Captain Zecchino, just outside the area, hooks a ball on the fly and throws it just over the crossbar.
At the 27 'Giribaldi in a dive saves the door to be sent.
AL 37 'Zanarotto ball to the foot crosses the entire opponent's field half freeing the opponents, kick a ball low shot that Calabrese collects.
At 40 'Favole shoots from the flag and Giribaldi intervenes.
The first half ends in inviolate networks.
At the 2 'of the second half Giribaldi intervenes in diving away the ball from the door, Scarpelli well positioned and free takes advantage and marks the net of the advantage.
The Luserna continues to press and the game develops mainly under the door of the ACF, finding always present and lucid Capra, Iberti, Porcella and Marenco.
At 15 'Favole is responsible for kicking a free-kick from the edge of the area, Giribaldi after placing the barrier to two, fists rejects the direct and powerful shot.
From the 30 'the ACF pushes and manages to move the center of gravity of the team more engaging the defense of the Luserna, but without being able to unlock the final result.
At 40 'Scarpelli tries again, but the ball flies high.
The teams definitely return to the locker room on the result of 0 in 1.

Mister Barbesino, for the game admits that a draw could be the most correct result. For the season ended, he is satisfied with the continuous improvements of his team, in fact, after an initial period of running in due to new grafts, a cohesive group has been created not only on the green rectangle. The first round is finished with 9 points earned, the return leg with 11 points finishing the Championship with a loot of 20 points, this shows that the work and commitment of the girls have given the right results: a fifth place respectable !

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi (Placanica 33 'st), Giorgianni (Loi 4' st), Capra, Marenco, Iberti, Porcella, Luison, Zanarotto, Pironti (Butteri 10 'st), Zecchino, Cossu (Devecchi 25' st). All. Barbesino

San Bernardo Luserna: Calabrese, Ippolito, Capello, Archinà, Baccino, Ara (Pirozzi 18 'st), Campofiorito (Schirru 23' st), Aimetti, Scarpelli (Prencipe 45 'st), Favole, Bonanno. Available: Maino, Maggio, Tortia. All. Of the Garlic

Markers: Scarpelli (2 'st)
Race director: Garrone Luca of Casale Monferrato

Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
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