Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cuneo - Alessandria

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Spring Championship

Final result that leaves little room for reasoning and recriminations: Cuneo is a compact, ambitious team that deploys excellent individuality in all departments. The "home" factor may have slightly influenced, given that the game was played on the perfect synthesis of the Youth Park.
Let's start from the bottom of the story. The game has seen the right competitive spirit animate the two teams, always within the limits of correctness, in fact, the Director of competition has not waved any card.
On the stands, however, it went differently. Unfortunately, a local parent has started a skirmish using teasing really free, not to mention cynical, against the Alessandrine who were succumbing.
The turbulent exchange of ideas ended thanks to the fact that the father / fan / ultrà was opportunely removed from the camp by his wife.
On the green rectangle, instead, there were passages of bottles from hand to hand between Grigie and Biancorosse, an injured Cuneo player taken out by two of her companions and Cararino Gavarino dell'Alessandria (nice gesture of fair play), yes is also seen a girl stop in front of the stands and make an eloquent gesture to the father (the same as before) urging him to shut up and after the triple whistle (while on the stands the spirits were heated among the "adults") big pats on the shoulders, handshakes and smiles among the girls who had been enemies for 90 minutes.
This handful of about 35 young women has shown what is the true spirit that animates youth football in general and women in particular.
One-way match in the result, even if objectively the first twenty minutes of the first half saw a fighting Alexandria that tried to build good play, but without realizing, such as the many solitary sprints of Cossu on the right wing, but was coming intercepted by the doubling of the defense of Cuneo before being able to worry Olivetti.
At the 4 'Giribaldi intervenes on Genovese's shot.
At the 5 'Airola scores the advantage net.
At the 7 'Giribaldi diving saves the net.
At the 13 'Gavarino worries Olivetti that intervenes in two stages and keeps the net saves.
At 17 'Porcella shoots a free kick from a good position, in the area creates a scrum and Zanarotto bags behind Olivetti, scoring the draw net.
At the 22 'Genovese tries with a header, Giribaldi recovers the ball.
At the 25 'Genovese the doubling for the Biancorosse doubles.
At 26 'Zanarotto flies on the ball at the foot and shoots a ball out of the mirror.
At the 29 'Giribaldi intervenes with the feet and keeps the result still.
At 30 'Ferro shoots from the flag directly in Giribaldi's arms.
At 34 'is Genovese to call Giribaldi at the intervention.
At the 37 'Captain Biancorosso shoots from the corner, in the area you create a beat and beat and Giribaldi intervenes with your feet.
At the 38 'Joly, well positioned, eludes Giribaldi and marks the third goal.
At 40 'Inaudi shoots high.
At the 42 'Airola beffa Giribaldi on his exit and scores a shotgun.
At 43 'Joly shoots a free-kick that is countered by Giribaldi's punches.
The first half ends on the result of 4 to 1.

At 4 'Zanarotto takes charge of pulling the flag, the ball ends in Olivetti's arms.
At the 5 'Ferro tries with a ball easy to grip for Giribaldi.
At 15 'Porcella shoots a free-kick, the shot is weak and does not worry Olivetti.
At the 19 'fifth goal for Cuneo as well as the personal double for Genovese.
At 25 'after only two minutes after entering the game, Finocchiaro marks the sixth goal.
At the 26 'Zanarotto from the flag serves Marenco who tries to head, but the ball is too high.
At the 35 'a penalty is granted to Cuneo on the edge of the area, Genovese obliges Giribaldi to save in the dive.
At the 36 'on the development of a corner, always Finocchiaro taking advantage of the fray is able to score and realize his personal double win.
At the 42 'Giribaldi intervenes again in the dive.
Game ended on the result of 7 to 1 for the landlords.

Markers: Airola (5 'pt; 42' pt), Genovese (7 'pt; 19 st), Zanarotto (17' pt), Joly (38 'pt), Finocchiaro (25'st, 36' st)

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Olivetti, Bertone, Papagna (Lovera 27 'st), Giraudo, Joly, Airola (Finocchiaro 23' st), Racca, Ferro (Costiug 33 'st), Inaudi (Gallinari 31' st), Colombero, Genovese (Ferrero 37 'st ). Available Bongiovanni, Pelosi. All. Giraudo

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi, Giorgianni (Pironti 10 'st), Loi, Iberti (Taglietti 35' st), Porcella, Marenco, Luciano, Zanarotto, Gavarino, Zecchino (Luison 30 'pt- Butteri 28' st), Cossu (Devecchi 24 'st) . All. Barbesino

Race Director: Sangiovanni Salvatore from Cuneo


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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