Friday, August 23 2019
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Overwhelming victory

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2015 16CuneoP


Another overwhelming success for the Primavera della Cuneo Women's Soccer team, which defeats the Turin-based Givolettese for 12-0 at home and continues its run at the top of the standings. Cuneesi immediately took the lead after four minutes with captain Colombero, well served just a few steps from the door by a cross from Inaudi. Inaudi herself at 9 'went off on the offside line and doubled up. The 3-0 carried the signature of Finocchiaro to the 17 'then it was the turn of Airola, in its first official game of the season to score the 26' and the 34 '. Still Inaudi at the 41 'and then closed the first half of the Airola game at the 45' for the 7-0. In the second half turning it over for substitutions, but the substance did not change, the landlords kept grinding the game and goals and at the 57 'and 59' went online Colombero. Double for Papagna at 70 and 82 '. He closed for the 12-0 final Airola, debuting in the Spring with 4 networks.
Sunday transfer for the team of Mr. Giraudo to Romagnano Sesia.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Olivetti, Bongiovanni, Giraudo, Papagna, Bertone, Racca (60 'Viola), Finocchiaro (52' Giuliano), Ferro (58 'Pelosi), Inaudi (55' Ratti), Colombero, Costiug (25 'Airola). Available: Ferrero, Lovera. Coach: Diego Giraudo.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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