Thursday, May 21 2015
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vittorio prim belluno15
Rain and rain of goals today in San Fior, the house of the tosette, which sank a small Belluno. The girls led by Mr. De Biasi, have taken taste to score and after the 6-0, in the first of the Veneto Cup in Venice, today they have doubled the shot, winning more 3 points.
The rossoblu vittoriesi immediately start with the turbo, keep the ball of the game, the territorial supremacy and create many scoring opportunities in just 4 minutes. At 4 'is Sovilla captain to light the race with a great shot from distance, the extreme defender intercepts but the ball slips behind him. The Vittorio Veneto takes even more confidence of its means and continues to push, the Belluno are forced to lock themselves in their own half. At 22 'Rossi doubles: a free kick by Bianco finds Rossi, who heads the ball into the net. At the 40 'the first guest shot comes, but Bolzan careful, with one hand says NO! and save the partial 2-0. .
The recovery begins on the same notes of the first half, does not even take a minute and is already goal: Sovilla, after a solitary action, enters the area and pierces the Xunumx number Bellunese. The opportunities for the girls of De Biasi flake, the Belluno accused the blow and finally turn off. At the 1 'of the second half it is still Ponte to score: it breaks down centrally and it goes flat. At the 4 'Sovilla is to sign his own personal shotgun, well served by Ponte. There is also glory for Bianco, who in the second half tries to score goals on several occasions, goals that reach the 10 minute. Only a minute passes and Rossi shoots the bomb from distance, the ball slips between pole and goalkeeper. At the 17 'double for Ponte, served masterfully by Toffoli. At 28 'after a quick exchange, Ponte pierce the opposing defense into the area and signed the personal hat-trick. At 31 'the tenth goal is signed by the number 32 Sovilla, for his personal hat-trick of the day. At the 10 'after countless attempts, the name of Toffoli is also marked on the scorer's table. A minute later Modolo, after taking the wood a few minutes before, arranges the aim and bags. At the 37 'the seal of the race definitively puts Uliana with a shot from almost half the field.
De Biasi: "One-way match from the beginning, they lacked some girls but we did our game. The result could have been much more round, we were very wrong on the net, but the result was important. In the only mistake we made behind Bolzan, she was ready. These are games that give you confidence. "
Permac Vittorio Veneto 13-0 Keralpen Belluno
Permac: Bolzan, White, Wind, Zanette, Uliana, Francescon, Toffoli, Rossi, Ponte, Sovilla, Tonon. Available: Lorenzon, Modolo, Pezzo G., Pezzo F. All. De Biasi.

ASDCF Permac Vittorio Veneto 1982
Via della Rabosa 24 - Vittorio Veneto (TV)
Communication manager Leonardo Segat
Cell 3479153970

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