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Italian Cup news 2015-16

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sanzaccarie 3atta
Italian Cup match for San Zaccaria, which tomorrow at 14.30 will be at the San Marcellino in Florence against Fiorentina dei Della Valle. Prestige race for the Ravenna, so far unbeaten in the season between the championship and the Italian Cup, but that against the gigliate will have to make a real business to pass the turn. Arbitrate Filippo Giaccaglia of the Jesi section.

"It will not be an easy game, because we play with one of the teams fighting for the title and with expert and good elements", explains Marinella Piolanti, San Zaccaria technician, "we will have to be good at entering the pitch with the same determination and determination, as we played in Bari, without thinking too much about who we will face ".

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sudtirol giordana torresaniBack to the scene the women's football at Galicia of Laives, where the CF Südtirol will be on stage in the second round of the Italian Cup against Padova, ambitious training and relative of the glorious Zensky, opponent up to two seasons ago of the red and white in the championship round cadet.
The opponents of the team Schuster during the summer have married the apparent with the historic men's company, that Padova Calcio has also played Serie A championships by writing pages of the Italian league from the time of Paron Rocco up to the rise of Alessandro Del Piero , product of the Patavino nursery, thus increasing its national ambitions. Michele Mafficini's association gained the qualification for the second phase of the Cup by winning 5-1 against Gordige, securing second place in the group of three and making the defeat of measure for 1-0 irrelevant against Vittorio Veneto matured at the end of a game full of emotions. In the league the biancoscudate collected 4 points in three games, result of the victory against Clarentia (4-1) on the first day of Serie A, 0-2 against Gordige and home draw against Pordenone (1-1). An insidious opponent for Michelon and his team-mates for a Sudtirol who was defeated by 3-0 on the third day of the championship against the Riviera di Romagna, with Mister Schuster who will have at his disposal Torresani after the precautionary rest last week, while Valzolgher will be available for play the place in the Cup match with Caser, after the stop round for disqualification in the league. It should be available at least for the Denise De Luca bench, close to returning to full capacity after last year's knee injury and back from a long work of rehabilitation and strengthening after the muscle problems of the post-retirement. To evaluate the conditions of Greta Brunello in defense and Chiara Pasqualini forward, dealing with physical problems that are limiting their use since the beginning of the season.

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resroma ciccottiWith the Serie A firm for the blue commitments, the Italian women's football is getting ready for the weekend dedicated to the Italian Cup, and for the Res Roma Move Up it's time to host Catania, in the match valid for the second round of the World Championship.

The Giallorossi come to the appointment after winning the group stage collecting two wins and a draw against the other Roman teams participating in the national championships.
Same speech for the rossoblu Catania who won the Sicilian group.

At home Res Roma safe move the absences of Coluccini and Ciccotti, and most likely Mr. Melillo will give space to those players who have so far collected less minutes of play, giving them the chance to prove they deserve the Giallorossi jersey.

The pre-race declarations by the Roman coach Fabio Melillo: "We want to pass the round because it is a competition that we hold in a special way, and above all we need to improve some of our prerogatives, some of our technical aspects that will improve by playing.
So it is an important test that we will face with desire and determination. The rest of the girls are available, they are well trained this week and they want to overcome the moment that has seen us so far collect less than we deserved while not shining at 100%. So there is a desire to do and I am sure that on Saturday the girls on the field will prove to be a team of rank ".

Race start at 14.30 - Savio sports center, "R.Vianello" field - free admission.

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