Saturday, August 24 2019
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The Brescia imposes 2 1 in comeback sull'Agsm Verona and wins the Italian Cup, but great performance of the Gialloblù that in the final touch the company with 3 spring in the field.

Brescia and Agsm Verona face each other in Florence in the Coppa Italia final. The new champions of Italy against the outgoing champions who still won the qualification for the next Champions League. Longega must renounce the big Gabbiadini, Ohrstrom and Salvai all injured, to which is added Carissimi who tries to perform the heating but does not make it and is replaced by Brutti. In the field also the spring Angelica Soffia.

Verona in the field with an 4-2-3-1. The Gialloblù are immediately dangerous and go on the net after just 5 minutes: Tatiana Bonetti receives ball outside the area, resists the intervention of three defenders, penetrates centrally in the penalty area and pierces Marchitelli.

The Brescia appears surprised by the advantage of Verona and Bonetti also tries to head but the ball ends abundantly to the side.
Lombarde dangerous to the quarter of an hour with Sabatino calling Harrison to the rejected.
The Brescia takes the field even if the opportunities from the Latvian network up to 27 'when the Veronese commit a deadly ingenuity in the area handing the ball to Bonansea that does not pray and pierces Harrison for one to one.

At 40 'Girelli with a treacherous cross-shot called Harrison to the corner. On the developments of the line from the flag the ball reaches Elisa Mele who from outside the area pierces Harrison on the far post.
Alloscadere of the first fraction Bonetti catches the pole but the race director stops everything for an offside of Fuselli, author of the cross.

You go to rest with Brescia leading for two goals to one.
Verona is very close to a draw in the beginning of recovery with Silvia Fuselli who is just two steps away from the door and is rejected by Marchitelli.
On the other front Girelli is on the side, but immediately respond to the Gialloblù with Pirone's out-of-scale attempt.

This time it is Brescia to pasticciare in the area, Ledri serves Brutti all alone but the number 14 gialloblù, in a regular position, kicks weakly in the arms of Marchitelli.
Verona believes it but Fuselli can not conclude contrasted by Gama.
Tatiana Bonetti, under the eyes of CT Cabrini, reconquers a good ball in the area, but then concludes to the side.

The Brescia tries to sting with Alborghetti who steals the ball from Soffia and calls Harrison to the difficult intervention.
In the second minute of recovery Tatiana Bonetti in contrast with Linari devours the ball of the possible tie a few steps from Marchitelli.
At the final whistling whistle players and Brescian fans cheer the triumphal trophy, but a huge applause goes to the girls of Verona who in training of absolute emergency have been able to cope with the noble opponents by touching the company in the final with three spring in the field.

Networks: Pt. 5 'Bonetti, 27' Bonansea, 40 'Apples
Brescia: Marchitelli; Gama, D'Adda, Linari; Bonansea, Cernoia, Mele (6 'st Tarenzi), Rosucci, Williams; Girelli (40 'st. Boattin), Sabatino.
Available: Ceasar, Boattin, Alborghetti, Eusebio, Serturini, Lenzini, Tarenzi.
Coach: Milena Bertolini

Agsm Verona: Harrison, Ledri, Di Criscio, Pirone, Bonetti, Fuselli, Brutti (44 'St. Ambrosi), Soffia, Laterza, Squato, Belfanti (35' St. Osetta).
Available: Ambrosi, Carissimi, Osetta, Nichele, Baldo, Salvai, Pavana.
Coach: Renato Longega.

Referee: Franck Loic Nana Tchato (Aprilia)
Assistants: Ylenia Di Milta (Pistoia) and Giulia Cipriani (Empoli).
Notes: Artificial grass field, sunny after a storm before the start of the race. Spectators about 700. Ammonite: Apples, Laterza, Chernobia, Williams, Di Criscio. Expelled Agnm Verona Longega technician at 22 'st. for protests. 2 + 4 recovery

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