Cinquina of Brescia, the Mozzanica says goodbye also to the cup.

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networks: Bonansea (B) to 11 'and 39' and Mele (B) to 16 'pt; Rosucci (B) at 21 ', Sabatino (B) at 36' and Pellegrinelli (M) at 43 'st

Mozzanica: GRITTI; ZANOLETTI, SCHIAVI, LOCATELLI (from 9 'ST CAMBIAGHI), BARTOLI; SHOES, RAGS, GALLI; GIUGLIANO (from 18 'ST TONANI), GIACINTI, IANNELLA (from 28' ST PELLEGRINELLI). All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Tonani, Fusar Poli, Rizzon, Pellegrinelli, Cervi, Cambiaghi.

Brescia: MARCHITELLI; GAMA, D'ADDA (from 24 'st TARENZI), LINARI (from 1' st BOATTIN); BONANSEA, ALBORGHETTI, ROSUCCI, MELE (from 1 'st EUSEBIO), WILLIAMS; GIRELLI, SABATINO. All. Milena Bertolini. Available: Caesar, Boattin, Serturini, Eusebio, Lenzini, Martani, Tarenzi.

Referee: Massimiliano Lombardelli of Turin; assistants: Boggiani of Monza and Ranieri of Milan.

Ammonita: Bartoli (M) at the 44 'pt and at the 15' st; Expelled: Bartoli (M) at 15 'st

Note: Hot and sunny day. Field in good condition. Present about 500 spectators. 1 '+ 2' recovery.

No way. The first two classified in the league, Brescia and Verona will play the final of the Italian Cup in Florence, Sunday 12 June. Really an unlucky season that of the Mozzanica that even against the champions of Italy build only in the first half at least five clear occasions from the network, but to score are instead the guests, much better than the Bergamo to finalize under goal. The game could be synthesized in practice like this. The swallows arrive on the banks of the Serio without their captain Cernoia, injured right during the last championship in Milano Marittima. Nazzarena Grilli, on the other hand, recovers her: Angela Locatelli, but she has to do without Rizza and Mason and revolutionizes the module by presenting an unpublished 4-4-2 with Giugliano and Giacinti at the top and Iannella and Galli on the outside.

The girls of Nazzarena Grilli start strong and go close to the net at 9 ', when Galli puts a low shot in the small area for Giacinti who is dammed in the corner by an adversary face to face with Marchitelli. The Brescians face the area opposed to 11 ', but just enough to Bonansea to slip into the center in a disruptive action alone, take the orobic defense for a walk and deposit behind Gritti. The guests take courage and shortly after Williams receives from Rosucci and penetrates in the sixteen meters, but Gritti opposes his shot deflecting in the corner. From the flag goes Bonansea, Williams receives, defends the ball and turns to the door, but Gritti performs the miracle and on the rejected Girelli is stopped in the corner by the forest of legs biancocelesti. The landlords could come to a draw two minutes later, when Stracchi duets with Giacinti and goes to receive his cross face to face with Marchitelli, who responds instinctively to the deviation of the no. Local 4. On the developments of the action, Scarpellini receives and shoots from outside, but the goalkeeper of the swallows flies to repel. Just another round of hands to understand that it will not be a day for the Bergamo area. At the 16 'Sabatino cut the defense with a ball in the area, Mele emerges behind everyone and the square again on the net. The landlords take a while to react, but at 29 'Iannella's ball is deflected and becomes a perfect assist for Galli who enters the area and calls Marchitelli to save his own goal. Two minutes later, Giacinti escapes on the offside line, shows up in front of Marchitelli who literally hypnotizes her and saves again; the rejected is collected by Giugliano, but his right ends over the crossbar. Red Cloud serves deep Giacinti, but also its conclusion is off target. The Mozzanica tries in every way to reopen the race and at the 38 'Giugliano needs a wonderful ball for Iannella, who tries to surprise with power Marchitelli on the first post, but the no. 1 biancazzurra still responds with skill. On the developments of the corner the Brescia reconquer ball and restart, Bonansea does the whole field before jumping Locatelli and put it behind Gritti. The door, literally bewitched for the orobiche, opens up with enviable ease on the other side. At 45 'guests benefit from a punishment from the edge. Williams goes to the shot, the ball is touched by the barrier, but Gritti can fix it somehow.

Upon returning to the field, Milena Bertolini changes the cards on the table: inside Boattin and Eusebio for Linari and Mele. Nazzarena Grilli's answer does not wait for the 9 'to put Cambiaghi for Locatelli inside, moving from the 4-4-2 to an 4-3-3. At the 15 'Bonansea forced the foul Bartoli who is already warned is sent ahead of time to take a shower from the race director. The Mozzanica is forced to continue the race in ten and in practice it is the episode that closes the games. On the subsequent punishment Williams crosso in the area, Sabatino goes to the deviation, just missing the big target. Mister Grilli inserts Tonani to rebalance his strength, but Brescia at the first opportunity is still sinking: Rosucci makes his way in the sixteen meters guests and with a perfect indoor shot lap for the fourth time the unfortunate Gritti. A nut now drawn the Perugian technician makes the young Pellegrinelli debut for Iannella at 28 '. Immediately after, Sabatino face to face with Gritti calibra badly and kicks to the stars. The network is only postponed for n. 9 guest: at 36 'Girelli draws the perfect central assist for Sabatino who with a shot under it eludes the desperate exit of Gritti and falls five. The new entry Pellegrinelli makes the day less bitter by making the flag goal on the developments of a corner, with a first-round turn to applause. Now only the final whistle of the race director is expected. It ends like last year. The Mozzanica comes out at the hands of Brescia, which gives the Bergamo team a severe lesson. Too strict, no doubt, but in any case to celebrate are still the swallows, while Locatelli and companions are forced to try to try again next year.

Photo by Maria Gatti.

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