On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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verona pirone goal
An unrecognizable Agsm Verona suffers for most of the match but takes home the Cup final with the penalty of Di Criscio and Pirone's double.
Filed the beautiful championship final with the qualification to the Champions League, the girls of the ASM Verona dive, head and legs, in the Italian Cup. In Tuscany, under the scorching sun of Castelfranco di Sotto, there is the landing at the end of the tri-color competition.
Usual problems of staff for Mr. Longega who must give up the injured Gabbiadini, Ohrstrom, Marconi and Salvai, all present at the municipal Castelfranco to encourage teammates. In the field from the first minute the spring Angelica Soffia.
The first opportunity of the match is for Verona with Tatiana Bonetti who face the goal with the goalkeeper. A minute later Valeria Pirone tries, diagonal conclusion deflected in corner by Baldi.

The Tuscans are shown forward with the conclusion of Prugna parata by Harrison.
The scaligere are struggling to express themselves against an aggressive team and so they go to rest with inviolate nets.
The Agsm Verona returns to the field with Brutti in midfield to replace Belfanti with defense that is lined up to three. The Veronese are more aggressive and become dangerous with the attempt of Michela Ledri, sphere to the side.
The Tuscan answer with Acuti who in a melee from two steps can not beat Harrison.
At the 20 'Bonetti goes off in a regular position and is landed on the limit by the number one Baldi that is expelled.
Di Criscio on the resulting free kick catches the full pole.
Spend two minutes and Valeria Pirone is landed in the area. Zucchetti of Foligno says the penalty spot that Federica Di Criscio transforms the new entry Bulleri.
At the 32 'the scaligere in numerical superiority in the business succeeded to suffer the equalizer of Castelfranco with a resounding authority of Claudia Squizzato that incorporates in his own door piercing Harrison.
The girls of the ASM Verona are clearly surprised by the unexpected turn that took the game and Harrison is forced to close the space at Acuti who can not finish.
The Gialloblù have a jolt of pride and Valeria Pirone collects the launch of Bonetti, flies into the area and pierces the goalkeeper by placing the ball on the far post.
The number seven of Verona repeats itself four minutes later with an action in photocopy. This time, however, Bulleri manages to intercept the first conclusion of Pirone that takes the ball and bag to door unfinished the ball of the final one to three. Result that qualifies Agsm Verona at the Coppa Italia final.
The Verona bring home victory and qualification despite a subdued race, certainly conditioned by the heat.
The 12 June in the final of Florence will however take another Verona to try to bring home the fourth Italian Cup in the history of the club

Networks: St. 27 'Di Criscio (Rig.), 32' Squeaked Autoris, 42 'Pirone, 46' Pirone
Castelfranco: Baldi, Di Guglielmo, Maltomini, Varriale, Caucci, Ferrara, Prugna, Di Lupo, Acuti, Parrini, Cinotti.
Available: Bulleri, Galluzzi, Cirillo, De Rita, Consoloni, Meropini, Morucci.
Coach: Alessandro Pistolesi.

Agsm Verona: Harrison, Ledri, Carissimi, Di Criscio, Pirone, Bonetti, Fuselli, Soffia (36 'St. Nichele, 44' St. Baldo), Laterza, Squizzato, Belfanti.
Available: Gava, Ambrosi, Brutti, Nichele, Baldo, Salvai.
Coach: Renato Longega.

Referee: Luca Zucchetti from Foligno
Assistants: Riccardo Corti and Francesco Boccolini of Pisa.
Notes: Sunny and hot afternoon, terrain in not optimal conditions. 1 + recovery
Castelfranco (Pi)

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