Wednesday, August 21 2019
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tavagnacco brescia ci2016
Clear defeat for 4 at 0 against Brescia. The Upc remains in the game less than once.
The Italian Cup adventure of Tavagnacco ends in Brescia, defeated by 4 at 0 on the Mompiano field in the quarterfinals. Sabatino's goals (double for her, 32 'of the first half and the second half) and Girelli (double for her, the 37' of the first half and the 38 'of the second half). The Upc remains in the game only for the first twenty-five minutes.
The match begins with Brescia forward. The first conclusions towards the Tavagnacco gate bear the signature of the 24 number, Mele. At the 10 'you can see the Friulians forward, with an exchange at the edge of the area between Parisi and Clelland: the Scotsman starts a shot that ends up in the net, but the referee cancels for offside. The Tavagnacco appears more determined in the field and begins to grind game. At the 16 'central shot of Serturini, to which he responds, 20' Parisi with a powerful but central conclusion. At the 25 'double chance for Sabatino, who twice engages Penzo from close range.
The Brescia grows and at 32 'a launch of 40 meters Girelli imbeces Sabatino that exceeds Penzo with a nice shot below. It is the advantage of the landlord. The reaction of Tavagnacco is entrusted to Sardu, who at the 36 'launches on the right, starts a cross on which Camporese does not arrive by a whisker. A minute passes and Brescia doubles: Sabatino steals ball to Filippozzi on the trocar, he flies towards the door and instead of pulling, passes to the center at Girelli, which at the empty door bags.
At the 40 'Tavagnacco could shorten the distance with Zuliani, but Ceasar is reactive and deflects in the corner.
The recovery begins with Brescia immediately dangerous: at 1 'Girelli hits the post of head on the cross from the right. At 10 'Sardu is to try a reaction, but on the overturn in front, still Sabatino, Penzo forced to overtime output. At 23 'Clelland is dangerous, but his conclusion touches the crossbar. Brescia closed the accounts at 32 'with an exchange between Girelli and Sabatino, with the latter exceeding Penzo with a precise low shot. Tavagnacco looks for the flag goal at 38 'with Parisi, but Ceasar is careful. At the 38 'also comes the fourth goal of the landlords, with the shotgun of Girelli launched by Williams.

Second defeat in four days for Tavagnacco, who is now called to a reaction, Saturday in the Championship against Bari.

BRESCIA: Ceasar, Gama (Ghisi), D'Adda, Linari, Serturini (Lenzini), Rosucci, Rosucci, Alborghetti, Williams, Mele (Eusebio), Sabatino, Girelli. All. Bertolini

UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Penzo, De Val, Martinelli, Frizza (Paroni), Parisi, Clelland, Sardu (Dri), Camporese, Zuliani (Del Stabile), Tuttino, Filippozzi. All. Di Filippo
NETWORKS: 32 'pt Sabatino, 37' Girelli, 32 'st Sabatino
NOTES: ammonite De Val, Gama, Filippozzi
REFEREE: Modesto di Treviso

UPC Tavagnacco press office
Alessandro Cesare cell: 3483731430 mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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