Monday, 17th October 2016
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San Bernardo Luserna press release

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SAN BERNARDO LUSERNA (4-4-2): They act; Fables S. (25 'st Falbo), Tudisco, Bosi, Putti (4' st Mazzuchetti); Spanu, Di Lascio, Fables A. Massarelli (27 'st Trapani); Moretti, Barbieri. NE: Serafino, Coluccio, D'Ancona, Sosso. All .: Zorri.

FEMALE WEDGE (4-4-2): Russian F .; Armitano, Russo L. (14 'st Rosso), Magnarini, Pittavino; Moscia, Franco (31 'st Mascarello), Errico, Cobelli; Cerato (26 'st Cama), Papaleo. NE: Olivetti, Greppi, Genovese. All .: Petruzzelli.

REFEREE: Calzavara di Varese (Rissone and Bertolotto di Collegno)

NOTES: Cuneo Petruzzelli's coach was sent off at half-time due to excesses against the San Bernardo Luserna bench. Expelled for mutual misconduct Moretti (L) and Armitano (C). Ammonite Putti (L), Franco (C), Favole A. (L), Falbo (L). 2-12 corners, 2 '+ 3' recovery. Spectators: about 100.

In the direct challenge for the leadership of the group against Cuneo, the Luserna does not go beyond the 0-0 home, giving the possibility to play the knockout match of the second round at home to Cuneo, while ours will face the second of the Ligurian group -Alexandrian.

With the absences of the long-term Malatesta, in addition to those of Falbo, Sosso, Coluccio and Mazzuchetti starting from the bench, the Luserna reappears with the same line-up that had performed well seven days before the debut in Serie A in the first half against Verona, with the only exception of Putti in the field for D'Ancona. The beginning is in fact immediately crackling, and the landlords start aggressive on the right axis Favole-Spanu-Moretti primed by Annalisa Favole, best in the field in the first 45 minutes, creating several good deeds, while the Cuneo, closed in its own half field, relies on the physicality of the Cerato-Papaleo attack pair. At the 7 'part well on the edge of the Barbieri offside, which alone throttles too much the conclusion. Then at the 10 'it is Asteggiano to come out well but receiving a blow to the body that for a moment scares comrades and the public, returning however immediately between the posts. At the 20 'Cuneo is also shown, that finds Papaleo well unmarked that ends weakly in the arms of Asteggiano, and two minutes later with a free kick from the trocar on which Moscia pounces on his head. The game gets intense and turned on especially in the middle of the pitch, with the guests who take confidence and the Zorri girls who lose their lucidity in the setup. Even if at the 29 'a good action continued, it is concluded by a bank of Barbieri for Annalisa Favole who shoots up. The last excitement is over by the time expired, with Moretti who in the area turns well on the left finding Federica Russo's prompt rejection, and then after the whistle, with the expulsion of the guest coach who threatens to threaten the bench at home, is removed from the camp by Mr. Calzavara.

In the second half we start again with the same 22 to do battle that at 9 'create a double opportunity for part: first the Cuneo with Errico per Cerato, on which the home defense is saved, and then a throw for Moretti wide on the left, which puts in the middle for Barbieri whose conclusion is rejected by the defense. After a phase of stagnation, they are still the landlords to be seen by Federica Russo with a Moretti side for Massarelli, which ended at the side, and then again a minute later from Moretti for Spanu, still out of the mirror. At 25 'it is the turn of Barbieri, who from a good position inside the area, looks for power without finding the precision, followed by Moretti, also on the side. On the contrary, the occasion missed by Cuneo is sensational, as it gives a corner kick, where at the far post there is Moscia who does not find the right coordination. In the end the patterns jump, especially defensive for the landlords, who apnea under the forcing of Cuneo and are saved only by a monumental parade of Asteggiano. In the recovery there is still time for the double expulsion of Moretti and Armitano, and for the turn of Trapani on corner, which gives the illusion of the goal ending up on the net over the crossbar.

Now head to next Saturday at Brescia, which surely will be tougher and more formidable adversary than a Cuneo good at defending himself and not leaving room for his opponents.

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San Bernardo Luserna women's football.

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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