Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Acqui - Alessandria Coppa Italia

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Acqui - Alexandria 1-0
The first official match of the Spa ends with a victory in the Italian cup in the Derby all Alessandrino.
After a first period of study, the teams go to the locker room on zero to zero.
In the second half of the game, the Bianche enter the field to look for the full post but, a little 'for the skill of the goalkeeper, the author of at least three true miracles and the wrong aim of the attackers, the result is not released.
To break the balance we think captain Di Stefano, exchange with Pisano on the trocar, escape on the right, poisonous shot-cross that the goalkeeper deflected unfortunately in the door. One to zero.
From that moment on, the Bianche look for possession of the ball and there are very few opportunities on both sides.
At the end of the race Mister Fossati declared: "Today's match gave me further ideas on what we need to improve. The road is the right one, Alessandria is a team that has made us suffer, my players have to understand and get into the new league soon ".

FCD ACADEMY WATER: Ottonello, Lardo, Rigolino, Gallo, Rossi (st 30 'Cadar), Mensi (st 1' Lago), Di Stefano, Pisano, Arroyo, Bagnasco, Tascheri (st 1 'Rivera). Available: Cazzato, Castellan, Casazza, Bonelli. (All Fossati).

ALEXANDRIA: Marinello, Capra (st 25 'Violin), Lazzaroni, De Vecchi, Marigonda, Marinoni, Schiavi (st 10' Mantuano), Zella, Amandola, Amato (st 30 'Bergaglia), Barbesino. (All Cantone).

Camurri referee of Genoa

NETWORK: 19 'st Di Stefano

Accademia Acqui press office

Enrico Manassero
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