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Italian Cup news 2015-16

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The Brescia imposes 2 1 in comeback sull'Agsm Verona and wins the Italian Cup, but great performance of the Gialloblù that in the final touch the company with 3 spring in the field.

Brescia and Agsm Verona face each other in Florence in the Coppa Italia final. The new champions of Italy against the outgoing champions who still won the qualification for the next Champions League. Longega must renounce the big Gabbiadini, Ohrstrom and Salvai all injured, to which is added Carissimi who tries to perform the heating but does not make it and is replaced by Brutti. In the field also the spring Angelica Soffia.

Verona in the field with an 4-2-3-1. The Gialloblù are immediately dangerous and go on the net after just 5 minutes: Tatiana Bonetti receives ball outside the area, resists the intervention of three defenders, penetrates centrally in the penalty area and pierces Marchitelli.

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After two weeks of waiting, it is time for the Italian Cup final to see Brescia opposite Verona on the neutral of the Bozzi stadium in Florence with a kick-off set for 17: 00. The season will then close with the same game with which it was open on the occasion of the Italian Super Cup played in late September and won by Bertolini biancoblu on penalties. Both teams competed in the knockout stages as the defending champion of Brescia and the defender of Verona; the biancoblu have eliminated Oristano, Tavagnacco and Mozzanica while the scaligere have overcome the obstacles represented by Res Roma, Valpolicella and Castelfranco.

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agsm verona 2015 2016
Sunday at 17,00 appointment at "Gino Bozzi" Florence. Agsm Verona always in emergency accidents
The 2015 / 2016 Italian Women's Football Cup has reached its epilogue that will be staged on Sunday 12 June at 17.00 on the field of the FIGC-LND "Gino Bozzi" Federal Training Center in Florence (Via Stefano Borgonovo, former Ximenes Street)
Brescia and Agsm Verona are faced, the first two classified in the 2015 / 2016 championship.
The fresh Italian champions of Brescia as well as holders of the trophy, already raised in 2011 / 2012, if they will see it with Agsm Verona that already has three Italian Cups on the wall, but did not hit the final from 2012 / 2013 when the Gialloblù were defeated by the Tavagnacco.
The formation of Mr. Longega arrives at the final gripped by the staffing problems due to the injuries that are persecuting the scaligere for several months.

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networks: Bonansea (B) to 11 'and 39' and Mele (B) to 16 'pt; Rosucci (B) at 21 ', Sabatino (B) at 36' and Pellegrinelli (M) at 43 'st

Mozzanica: GRITTI; ZANOLETTI, SCHIAVI, LOCATELLI (from 9 'ST CAMBIAGHI), BARTOLI; SHOES, RAGS, GALLI; GIUGLIANO (from 18 'ST TONANI), GIACINTI, IANNELLA (from 28' ST PELLEGRINELLI). All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Tonani, Fusar Poli, Rizzon, Pellegrinelli, Cervi, Cambiaghi.

Brescia: MARCHITELLI; GAMA, D'ADDA (from 24 'st TARENZI), LINARI (from 1' st BOATTIN); BONANSEA, ALBORGHETTI, ROSUCCI, MELE (from 1 'st EUSEBIO), WILLIAMS; GIRELLI, SABATINO. All. Milena Bertolini. Available: Caesar, Boattin, Serturini, Eusebio, Lenzini, Martani, Tarenzi.

Referee: Massimiliano Lombardelli of Turin; assistants: Boggiani of Monza and Ranieri of Milan.

Ammonita: Bartoli (M) at the 44 'pt and at the 15' st; Expelled: Bartoli (M) at 15 'st

Note: Hot and sunny day. Field in good condition. Present about 500 spectators. 1 '+ 2' recovery.



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