Sunday, November 17 2019
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Alessandria - Imola

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Final result: 5 - 1

On stage, at the former Casermette sports field, the last day of the Serie B Championship.
The game is not decisive for the classification for the two teams, but the effort lavished in the field shows the great determination of all the girls in wanting to make a good impression and end the season with a flourish.

The first time starts with a phase of study and some timid attempts on both fronts.
At 10 'following a clash outside the goal area, Ceppari injured an ankle and is forced to leave the field of play. Imolese remains with 10 athletes in the field.
At 12 'Captain Amandola shoots a good ball for Zella who hits the crossbar.
At 15 'Loving her from a good position throws the ball at the Cavalieri.
At 18 'Lazzaroni with impeccable aim is the seven and unlocks the result for the owners from home.
At 24 'Zella doubles the result with a shot under the crossbar impregnable for Cavalieri.
At the 27 'Bergaglia tries from the distance finding Cavalieri well positioned.
At the 28 'Schiavi after freeing himself from the markings, he looks for the second post, the ball goes out sideways.
At the 34 'Amandola offers a good ball to Slaves: Cavalieri diving saves the net.
At 35 'Filippi flies on the band and gets rid of the markers, on the powerful shot intervenes Mariogonda that dampens the launch that is intercepted by Minato.
At 37 'Sartori obliges Minato to take action.
At 42 'Bergaglia surprises the defense Imola with a diagonal shot low the ground that is outside of the door.
At 45 'Filippi is responsible for kicking a free-kick from the edge of the area: the ball is high.
Teams go to rest on 2 results at 0.

The second time starts with the Alexandria that manages the possession of the ball. At this stage, as well as during the first half, the numerous attempts by Filippi to honor his position in the Marking standings, the various raids are countered by a fierce Marigonda who does not allow the bomber to score.
At the 21 'Muratori framing the gravel port, the ball flies over the crossbar.
At the 23 'Barbesino, after winning a nice duel in the area, makes a precision pass for Amandola that transforms bringing the landlords on 3 to 0.
At 26 'Zella from the flag obliges Cavalieri to intervene with his fists.
At 29 'Captain Amandola with a calibrated lob brings the result on 4 to 0.
At 31 'Polidori bags the ball behind Minato, the partial passes to 4 / 1.
At the 33 'Garavelli from the edge of the area forced Cavalieri to the side dive.
At the 34 'Garavelli's head throws the ball at the post.
At the 36 'Schiavi commits Cavalieri that literally flies with a stroke of kidney and sweeps away the ball.
At the 40 'Zella with a cross finds Garavelli ready that goes in the door, Cavalieri intervenes with his fists.
At 41 'Zella shoots a corner and commits the ever vigilant Cavalieri.
AL 45 'Captain Amandola scores his hat-trick bringing the result on 5 to 1.

Mister Cantone at the end of the competition "We ended a difficult season with some good results. The ACF has played as she knows how to do, the girls took to the field motivated and with the desire to redeem the result of the last game. We must give credit to the Imolese who played in 10 for about 80 minutes with the right approach, in fact despite the numerical inferiority has tried to build good games without ever decreasing tone. From today we start thinking about the next Championship. "

Markers: Lazzaroni 18 'pt (A); Zella 24 'pt (A); Loving it 23 'st (A); Polidori 31 'st (I): Loving it 29' and 45 'st (A)

Notes: injury to Ceppari at the 10 'of the first half, the Imola plays in 10 the remaining 80 minutes.

ACF Alessandria: Minato (35 'St Giribaldi), Violin, Lazzaroni, Devecchi (20' st Luison), Schiavi, Marigonda, Marinoni, Zella, Bergaglia (14 'St Garavelli), Amandola, Barbesino.
A disp: Marenco, Capra, Zecchino
Coach: Canton

Imola: Knights, Baharvand, Ceppari, Donvito, Filippi, Li Calzi, Marini, Muratori, Polidori, Sartori, Soglia.
Coach: Sabatini

Race Director: Sonetti of Genoa
Assistants: Di Vico of Turin; Dileo di Pinerolo

Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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